Jumia & Konga Which is Better & Bigger?

The comparison of Jumia and Konga the two biggest e- commerce firms in Nigeria will be our major focus in this article.

Konga and Jumia has become the rallying point for e-commerce industries in Nigeria and Africa.

These two companies have been driving the e-commerce expansion and growth in Nigeria.

Currently in Nigeria, more startups are moving into e-commerce business just as more Nigerians are beginning to find buying and selling online attractive and comfortable.

This write up will be having a comparative analysis of Jumia and Konga to ascertain the better e-commerce platform between Konga and Jumia.

To find the better and bigger e-commerce between Jumia and Konga, we will be reviewing numerous features of the both e-commerce industries in Nigeria.

Konga and Jumia which has a highest customers and visitors? Between Konga and Jumia,which one protects buyers most? Jumia and Konga which one sells good cheaper?.

All these and more are some the comparison between Jumia and Konga we will undertake in this write up to see which of Konga and Jumia is the better to buy things online.

So, go through this post to find out the most used e-commerce platform between Konga and Jumia in Nigeria.

Konga e-Commerce: Brief Historical Overview

Konga was founded on July 2012 as one of the Nigeria’s elite e-commerce campanies in Nigeria.

Konga is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria and is renowned for providing third-party online marketplace.

Also,the e-commerce company offers first-party direct retail spanning various categories which includes but not limited to consumer electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, children’s items, computers & accessories, phones and tablets, health care and personal care products.

The company took off with 20 staff alongside Sim Shagaya as the founder.

Konga took off initially as Lagos based e- commerce before extending as national based e-commerce company.

Currently, Konga has offices and outlets across major cities of Nigeria like Lagos,Abuja,Port Harcourt, Onitsha.

It is one of the most porpular e-commerce companies in Nigeria.

As at 2014, Konga was valued at $200 million. In June 2015, Konga announced acquisition of assets and mobile money license of Zinternet Nigeria Limited which gave the e-commerce company the legal backing for the provision of mobile payment services.

So, currently, Konga isn’t just e-commerce company but as well online payment processing company too. Konga official website is www.konga.com

Jumia e-Commerce: Brief Historical Overview

Jumia was founded in 2012 by group of entrepreneurs:Jeremy Hodara, Sacha Poignonnec,Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Kofi Afaedor.

The e-commerce company started off as Nigeria based e-commerce company and by the year 2018, it has spread to 18 Africans countries.

Jumia on July 2016, became the first Africa’s unicorn valued at over $1 billion.

On April 2019, Jumia was listed on New York Stock Exchange and raised $196 million in net proceeds.

Jumia apart from providing online buying and selling of goods and services has launched payment service provider known as JumiaPay which took off in December,2021.

Jumia is regarded as direct competitor to Konga in Nigeria and has gone global as one of the world’s global e-commerce platforms.Jumia official website is group.jumia.com.

Jumia or Konga: Which is Better for Online Purchase in Nigeria

In this segment of the article, lets put Konga and Jumia side by side and find which is better and their attributes.

The review of how Jumia and Konga operates will aid readers in making verdict about the better online store in Nigeria between Konga and Jumia.

Konga and Jumia are Nigeria’s two biggest e-commerce companies in Nigeria.

Both companies are dominated by third party sellers. The two companies facilitate online sales and purchases in a way never seen in Nigeria.

The both companies are direct competitors and operate a very close e-commerce scheme.

Operation Base

Here we look at the communities and countries these two e-commerce website covers and operates.

Both Konga and Jumia are fonded in Nigeria and has grown into top e-commerce firms.

In terms of operation base, Jumia has grown from Jumia Nigeria to Jumia Africa and Jumia global.

Jumia currently operates worldwide as customers can make purchase from across the world and have their orders safely delivered to them.

Kong unlike Jumia is Nigeria based and currently operates only in Nigeria.

So while Jumia is focused on world markets, Konga is targeting Nigeria’s market.

Online Visits & Web Engagements

From available statistics, Jumia ranks 4,668 in global internet engagements while Konga sits on 21,077 in global internet engagements.

Also, Jumia saw a total of 9.87 million web visits globally in 2021 while Konga witnessed 2.5 million web visits during same period.

However, over 80% of the web visits for the two e-commerce is visitors from Nigeria.

From the above statistics,it can be deduced that Jumia ranks higher than Konga in global internet engagements and web visits.

After Sales / Refund Policy

This is very important in e-commerce business as there is bound to be manufacturer’s errors and misplacement shipments.

Both e-commerce offer a 7days return or refund policy where customers can be refunded or items bought replaced when they do not meet up with the stated requirements or when they are damaged on shipment.

This is aimed at protecting buyers. While after sales policy for Jumia is open to all their services, Konga however has restrictions on return policy on certain items and goods.

So, from the above you can see that Jumia tends to protect the buyers most than Konga.

Price of Goods / Items

Some online buyers has been debating of Konga and Jumia which is cheaper to buy goods online.

Because these e-commerce offer third party sellers schemes, one cannot assert that one of Konga and Jumia sells goods cheaper.

This is because an item on the e-commerce website can have varying prices as stipulated by different sellers.

So items can be bought cheap on both e- commerce websites.

Konga and Jumia which is Bigger

While both e- commerce company are operating on international standard for online sales and purchases, Jumia is bigger e-commerce company in Nigeria than Konga.

Konga is Nigeria based while Jumia is global. So, Jumia is bigger and has larger operational coverage than Konga.

Usage Policy

In terms of usage policy, Konga and Jumia operates different policies.

To use Jumia,no registration is required unlike Konga that both buyers and sellers are required to register before being able to transact on Konga platform.


Jumia charges a commission on each item you sell on the platform.

A commission rate ranging from 5 -15% is charged based on the category of the item.

More so, the commission fee Konga charges is a percentage of the selling value.

For every item sold, the seller is charged based on the item sales value per category.Commission fees are as low as 3% on Konga.

Order Notification & Tracking

Jumia sends a one-time notification email after every order.

Before the arrival of the order, customers and buyers receive continuous advertisement SMS.

Konga sends a notification email alongside SMS upon the completion of an order.

Also, the name of the product seller is attached to the notification message.

After shipment, buyers receive a notification containing the tracking link that leads them to the order tracking page from Konga.

Shipment, Fulfilling Orders and Warehousing

Both e-commerce companies operates different shipments policies, fulfilling orders and warehousing.

While Jumia undertakes packaging and shipment of sellers stock, Konga allows sellers do the shipment directly to buyers.

This affords sellers opportunity to fix the shipping charge which shouldn’t exceed N3000.

For very heavy items,Konga retain right to waive the shipping price stipulation for the seller.

Jumia has a logistics team who undertakes packaging and shipments of items purchased from their website.

Moreso, if you would like to make deliveries yourself, only Konga offers you the option to do that.

On the other hand, if you want to waive the self-delivery option, you can choose either Jumia or Konga.

For items on free delivery,sellers shoulders cost of delivery 100% .

Also as a seller, Fulfillment by Konga (FBK) and Jumia Express allows you to store your products at their warehouses at a cost.

Both companies execute packaging and shipment directly from their warehouse upon order placement. However, there are a few disparity.

For Jumia, sellers who use warehousing services are charged monthly per item stored. Sellers will pay ₦3 per item in the small size category, ₦8 per item in the medium-size category, and ₦14 per item in the large size category.

These sellers pay:₦157.5 for goods within 0 – 10kg,₦525 for goods within 10 – 25kg,₦840 for goods above 25kg.

Jumia also charges sellers per item sold. The charges vary from #100-900 depending on the item category.

So, having made available to you these data and reviews, the verdicts it’s obvious and clear for those who seek to find the best place to buy item online between Konga and Jumia in Nigeria.


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