Kano State Population (2024)

What is The Current Population of Kano State

Kano State population is one of the largest in Nigeria and currently the largest in northern Nigeria.

Population of Kano State

The north west geopolitical zone state is the biggest commercial city in Muslim dominated northern Nigeria.

The population of Kano state currently is obtained by projections from renowned population collation websites. This is so as a result of poor census and inability to maintain proper population data such as birth records and death records.

The population of Kano is multi ethnic and multi religious. Despite the state being dominant Muslims, a good number of Kano state population are Christians too.

While majority of Kano state population are of Hausa-Fulani tribe, there are still significant number of kanuris and Igbos resident in the state.

Kano state houses the biggest and most respected emirate in Nigeria, the Kano Emirate.

According to National Population Commission (NPC) on 2006 national census, the population of Kano state was estimated at over a whooping 8 million people.

Greater population of Kano people are farmers and traders.

The state is one of the safest states in northern Nigeria.

The high population of Kano state is in no small measure aided by its industrialization and huge economic activities.

In this article, we will providing data on the current population of Kano state.

Kano State Population & People

The population of Kano state has generated lot of controversies over the years, with many stating that the state is being accorded undue population.

The state has a total of 44 local council which makes it the state with highest number of local governments in Nigeria.

The inability of Nigeria Population Commission to conduct a national census since 2006, has left Nigeria’s population under estimations and projections.

Same as Population of Kano State.

Currently, Kano state is referred as the second most populous state in Nigeria behind Lagos state.

Though, the state officials refutes this claim, holding that the state remain the most populous state in Nigeria.

Population of Kano State Residents

According to Kano state official webiste, the Kano state population is estimated currently at 20 million people.

This is in contrast with 13 million people reported as the true population of Kano state according to reliable data collation agencies.

Kano state covers an area totalling 20,131kmĀ² (7,773 sqm).

Kano state is boardered by 4 states namely; Kaduna, Katsina, Bauchi and Jigawa.

The capital of Kano state which is Kano is one of the oldest ancient cities in Nigeria.

The trade volume of Kano state is estimated at over N20 billion.

The high economic activities and industrialization of Kano state has been so enormous that the state is called the center of commerce in Nigeria.

Religion in Kano State

The predominant religion in Kano State is Islam.

The state is one of very few states in northern Nigeria where sharia law has been instituted.

Hisbah, sharia police is very well operational in the Nigerian state.

Aside Islam, there are Christian minorities in Kano state.

End Note on Kano State Population

While the controversy over the actual population of Kano state goes on, fact remain that the state is one of the Nigeria’s most populated states.

It is also, the most populated state in Northern Nigeria.

We hope that upcoming census will be able clear all doubts and give a more reliable population of Kano state and reliable population of states in Nigeria.


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