Keke Napep (Tricycle) Engine Price in Nigeria (2024)

This post is a review of Keke Napep (tricycle) engine Price in Nigeria. This is aimed at providing answers to questions boardering on what is the price of Tricycle (Keke Napep) engine in Nigeria.

Keke Napep tricycle engine price in nigeria

The cost of new Keke Napep engine in Nigeria is based on the brand of Keke Napep.

Keke Napep engine can be bought as brand new as well as on fairly used.

So,get ready to find out how much price tricycle Keke Napep engine is sold in Nigeria.

Having a subsistence source of income is highly necessary for an economy like Nigeria’s.

In order to survive one has to engage in profitable ventures with possible revenue generation.

Tricycle popularly known as keke Napep in Nigeria is one of the most used commercial means of transportation.

As result of heavy usage of Keke Napep in Nigeria,both the Price of Keke Napep and price of Keke Napep engine in Nigeria has become somewhat expensive.

These days, working has evolved and there are a lot of jobs out there in which one can engage.

Some of those businesses include farming, barbing, teaching, and many more.

Also, a very stable source of income now for most men now is being a commercial road worker.

Many people have successfully been able to feed their families while being commercial road workers through driving of Keke Napep.

Although being a road worker differs depending on the automobile you wish to use, in this article the focus is on tricycles.

Being a Keke Napep tricycle owner for commercial purposes of all others is the easiest and open to even those with little capital.

So, if you are already a commercial Keke Napep tricycle owner or you are planning on getting one, then this is the right article for you as you will discover the current price of Keke Napep engine.

Tricycles have been around for quite a while now, and indeed it has been most helpful to everyone.

It is affordable and much more convenient to board than some of its counterparts.

Before starting as a Keke Napep tricycle commercial driver, there are a lot of things you have to consider.

One of which is deciding if you’d be purchasing a new one or an already used tricycle.

Your capital would determine your choice but it much better to start with a new tricycle, this would likely guarantee longevity and better income generation.

However, if you’re buying an already used Keke Napep,you might consider buying brand new Keke Napep engine so as to ensure better service.

Brand New Keke Napep Engine Price in Nigeria

In this segment of the post, we will discuss the price of Keke Napep engine.

Specifically, the cost of Keke Napep new engine is what will be contained in this segment of the post.

It is necessary to know that over time due to usage and wear and tear of machines, the engine might become less efficient and the need for a change would arise.

This might not be needed now for those who just made a purchase, but at least for future references and to be in a position to help others, you can proceed to read on.

Also, this can be helpful to those who Just bought already used Keke Napep.

Tricycle engines are scarce to find in Nigeria and it is due to the fact that most tricycle users prefer to purchase a completely new tricycle once the old one has been packed up.

It’s scarce but still yet available. The following would determine the rate at which you would get the Keke Napep engine:

The Model of the Keke Napep

The Capacity of the engine

New or Tokunbo engine

The seller

They are the determining factors of how much you would pay to get a tricycle engine.

Currently, in 2023, tricycle engines cost between N250,000 to N400,000 for getting a new Keke Napep engine.

It is advisable that you don’t buy a tokunbo (Fairly Used) engine because you can’t tell the issues it gave the previous owner before they decided to sell it off.

Most of the tokunbo engines are formerly damaged engines that have just been refurbished to make them appear usable.

So, save enough money before you think to change your Keke’s engine.

Things to Consider Before Buying New Keke Napep (Tricycle)

Below are some factors and things one should put into cognizance before making a purchase of brand new Keke Napep tricycle in Nigeria.


First thing to consider when planning to buy tricycle in Nigeria is the budget which entails how much it would cost to buy brand new Keke Napep tricycle in Nigeria.

You must first realize how much you can afford because this goes to the extent of determining the quality of tricycle you’ll get.

Assessing your budget before anything else will help guide you in choosing the best for you.

Tricycle Brand

This is very crucial and it determines how efficient and productive you’ll be in your business.

Various companies in tricycle production, hence there are different brands.

These respective brands are known for different things, for example, a brand might be recognized for its durability or fuel optimization.

So, you must make inquiries as to what brand works well in your area and likewise what suits the conditions in your vicinity.

The fuel Consumption Rate

Undoubtedly this is a fact that you shouldn’t ignore, I always say it is better not to have anything than to have something that turns you into debt.

So, it becomes necessary for you to carefully survey different brands and their fuel consumption status, this is easy, all you need to do is meet already existing tricycle owners.

This will in turn save you a lot when you finally purchase your tricycle.

Spare Parts Availability

Every machine is bound to loose its efficiency the more it gets used, and your tricycle will likely develop faults after a while.

Therefore, you must ascertain that the brand you are purchasing has spare parts that are readily available in the market.

You wouldn’t want to purchase a tricycle that will require that you begin to import parts, that is unnecessary and expensive.

So, make sure that you choose a brand that getting spare parts would be easy for you.


Discerning this would depend on the type of area you plan to operate as a commercial driver.

Bad roads for instance shortens the lifespan of an automobile.

You must ask around for the tricycle brand that has successfully lasted in your area, and from the list, you get to choose wisely with respect to other factors.

I have no doubt whatsoever that by following the above suggestions, you will choose the brand that will serve you well and be a stable source of income.

Having said the factors to consider, here’s a list of the Keke Napep tricycle brands available in Nigeria.

  • 1. Bajaj
  • 2. Suzuki
  • 3. Piaggio
  • 4. Vespa
  • 5. Zhongshan
  • 6. TVS
  • 7. Daylong

These are several brands you can choose from to serve you the efficiency and durability that you desire.

Now, here’s an estimated list of the price of the commonest tricycle brands in 2023.

New Brand Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria

Bajaj- N1,300, 000 – N1,350, 000

Piaggio-N1,100, 000 – N1,150, 000

Daylong-N1,200, 000 – N1,250, 000

TVS-N1,300, 000 – N1,350, 000

Fairly Used Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria

Bajaj-N300, 000 – N350, 000

Piaggio-N250, 000 – N300, 000

TVS -N200,000 – N250,000

Daylong – N190,000 – N200,000

Note: These prices would vary depending on the condition of the tricycle before purchase or the vendor from whom you have made the purchase.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and it has helped you.

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  1. Pls where can I get piaggio old model engine to buy

    1. Most major dealers also have engines for sales too

  2. Pls ok need brand new trecycle engine how can I get and how much it is

  3. Where can i get fairly used Keke nàpe to buy( TVS, Bajaj or Piaggio) in Lagos.
    I reside in okokomiko Ilogbo

  4. Alexander Ikechukwu Igwe

    Pls Olamide, where can i buy keke at the price you stated am in the East. Thanks in anticipation.

  5. please where can I get brand new tricycle. For instalment and how much does it cost ?

    1. Not sure about people that gives instalmemts

  6. I think new keke napepe has reached the sum of 1.6m in Nigeria

    1. Keke Napep current prices hovers around N1.5 to N1.6 million

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