L300 Bus (14 &18 Seater Bus) Prices in Nigeria

This article will focus on the price of Mitsubishi L300 bus price and price of other 14 seater buses in Nigeria.

Also, this write up will shed light at the price of 18 seater bus which is in high use in Nigeria.

In essence,this blog article will review the cost price of commercial buses in Nigeria.

The L300 bus otherwise called 14 seater bus is one of the most used vehicles for commercial transportation in Nigeria.

It is one of the most sought-after buses and vehicles in Nigeria because it can be used for passenger conveying and logistics purposes too.

L300 bus or 14 seater bus was popularised by Mitsubishi, a renowned world auto maker with their invention of L300 bus.

Since then many other auto companies has gone into production and manufacture of 14 and 18 seaters buses.

Nigeria commercial road transportation is heavily aided by the use of buses.

The L300 bus is mostly used for both long and short distance journeys.

Hence it’s high patronage in Nigeria. This post will review the cost of L300 bus and other commercial bus in Nigeria like 18 seater bus.

We decided to do a survey of the price of 18 seater bus in Nigeria as result of its high use and patronage in Nigeria alongside L300 bus.

Cost of 14 & 18 Seater Commercial Buses in Nigeria

How much both 18 and 14 seater buses are sold in Nigeria is based on the state of the vehicle.

If the bus is brand new, then you will be buying it at very high price which will be slightly above the companies price.

However,over 80% of buses in Nigeria are bought as either foreign used bus or Nigerian used bus.

So, the price of bus in Nigeria is relative and is determined by numerous factors especially the condition of the engine as well as the state of the bus generally.

Price of Foreign Used (Direct Belgium/Tokunbo) L300 14 Seater Bus

Foreign used Mitsubishi L300 bus price in Nigeria rages between N1,200,000 to N1,800,000.

The large price range is based on the state of the vehicle, it’s engine capacity and overall condition.

This price covers the cost of most foreign used 14 seater bus in Nigeria.

Price of Nigeria Used 14 Seater Bus (L300)

There is no specific price for Nigeria used bus especially the 14 seater bus.

It is the state and condition of the bus determines how much it would be sold or bought.

Nevertheless, a 14 seater bus that is Nigeria used in good condition will cost between N300,000 to N600,000.

This is the cost of Nigeria used 14 seater bus.

Price of 18 Seater Bus in Nigeria

The 18 seater bus is highly in use in Nigeria. This is because of its ability to convey more passengers and logistics.

Foreign used 18 seater bus in Nigeria cost also same as those of 14 seater which ranges between N1,200,000 to N1,800,000.

But the foreign used 18 seater bus that is in poor condition might cost lower than the stated amount.

For Nigeria used 18 seater bus, as stated above in the cost of Nigeria used 14 seater bus, it has no specific price but how sound it is.

Nevertheless, good conditioned Nigeria used 18 seater bus will cost between N300,000 to N600,000.

Price of Danfo Bus in Nigeria

Danfo Bus is very popular in Lagos and Port Harcourt Nigeria.

It is Volkswagen bus which is renowned for its ruggedness and longevity.

Price of Danfo bus in Nigeria is relative and majorly determined by its state of condition which has to do with its engine and interior conditions.

Foreign used Danfo bus price in Nigeria cost between N1,500,000 to N2,200,000.

For those who would consider buying Nigeria used Danfo Bus, there is no specific price for Danfo bus that is already used in Nigeria.

The condition of the bus especially it’s engine and interior influence the cost of Nigeria used Danfo bus.

However, the good Nigeria used Danfo bus can go as high as N650,000.

This is the estimated cost price of Danfo bus in Nigeria.


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