Top 10 Lager Beers in Nigeria

Alcohol consumption, especially beer in Nigeria is very high.

Beer drinks in Nigeria

Lager beer accounts for 80% percent of all alcoholic drinks consumption in Nigeria.

Beer consumption is relatively very high in southern Nigeria for obvious reasons such as religion and culture.

The Nigeria beer market is dominated by both local and foreign beers each competing to have a fair share of the Nigeria’s ever growing alcoholic market.

Globally, beer market is thriving as report by Euromonitor international in 2020 suggest that beer global market is expected to grow from $189 billion in 2020 to $281 billion in 2025 at a rate of 8.2%.

In West Africa, Nigeria as result of her population and culture has remained the biggest market for beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Despite the emergence and production of varieties of beer brands in Nigeria, the market has continued to thrive with many beer brands recording high profits and record sales in record time.

In this article, we will review the best beer brands in Nigeria.

These are currently the most consumed & high selling beer brands in Nigeria.

Best Beer Brands in Nigeria

In coming up with the list of best beer brands in Nigeria, we relied on the review of Marketing Edge, Nigeria’s brand focused magazine’s update on the top players in the beer industry in Nigeria.

Also, we took a look at the sales of the major beer brands in Nigeria and also undertook a survey of 1000 beer consumers across Nigeria to ascertain which bee brands in Nigeria is considered best by consumers.

The beer brands that scored the most points where ranked in the roll call of 10 best beer brands in Nigeria.

Here is the review of the top beer brands in Nigeria.


The global beer brand, Heineken is ranked the best beer in Nigeria according consumers and sales records.

The beer brand which is the official sponsor of UEFA champions League, Europe’s elite clubs competition is one of the most popular and highly regarded beer brands in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Heineken is regarded as an exotic beer that’s is highly breweried and refined too.

It is one of few beer brands that is easily available across all parts of Nigeria.

The price of Heineken beer in Nigeria which is slightly above the average price of other beer brands in Nigeria gives the brand the unofficial notion of being the best and top beer in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, the different, special flavour and taste of Heineken gives its consumers in Nigeria a premium and rich satisfying tastes.


Budweiser is another global beer brand in Nigeria that is highly rated as a top beer brand in Nigeria.

Budweiser which is popularly known as the king of beers is ranked alongside Heineken as the top and best brewed beers in Nigeria.

The beer brand like Heineken is sponsor of top sports competitions such as La Liga and Premier League.

Since 2018, the beer brand debuted in Nigeria market, it has stood out as one of the finest beers in Nigeria and share same table of exotic beer with Heineken both in tastes and price too.


Hero, a beer brand from International Breweries Plc is ranked among top beer brands in Nigeria.

The records sales of the product shows that it is one of the most consumed beers in Nigeria.

The beer brand was first brewed in Onitsha city of Anambra state.

Hero beer was launched in 2012 and has since remained one of the consumers favourites especially in the southeastern Nigeria where the brand has so much identified with the culture of the people.

Life Continental Lager Beer

Life Lager Beer is a product of Nigerian Breweries.

The beer brand has been massively promoted to compete with Hero especially in southeast Nigeria.

It is one of the most consumed and highly rated beer in Nigeria. The brand dipicts the beauty of Life and good living.

The beer brand was first brewed in 1981 in commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra state.

Like, Hero, Life beer tries to promote and identify with the culture of southeast Nigeria. Which is a marketing strategy for the makers of the brand.

Trophy lager

Trophy lager is equally one of the top ranking beer brands in Nigeria.

It is one of the major beer products of International Breweries. Trophy beer is brewed in Ilesa, Osun state Nigeria.

The beer is one of the most consumed beer in Yoruba , southwest Nigeria.

It has so much identified with the culture and traditions of the Yourba people and has become one of the leading regional beers in Nigeria.

Trophy is one of the beer in Nigeria with less alcohol concentration.

Tiger Lager Beer

Tiger beer brand is part of Nigerian Breweries products in Nigeria which entered the market in 2018.

Currently, Tiger Lager beer is one of the consumers favourites beer in Nigeria.

It is currently the only major beer brand in Nigeria that comes in a smaller bottles which makes it attractive to moderate beer consumers.

Originally, it is International Premium Asian beer product before,NB took up its productions and marketing in Nigeria.

It is one of the well brewed and alcohol less beer in Nigeria.

STAR Lager Beer

STAR Lager Beer is one of the Nigerian Breweries finest beer.

It is equally very popular and highly patronised beer brands in Nigeria.

STAR is one of the beer brands in Nigeria with national outlook in that it is easily found across all parts of Nigeria.

It is one of the beer brands that have stood test of time and performed highly for decades having been introduced into the market in 1946.

The  beer brand is easily one of the top beer products in Nigeria.


This is one of the best flavoured beers in Nigeria which is also produced by Nigerian Breweries.

Gulder which is known as “The Ultimate Beer” alongside STAR has remained strong in Nigeria beer market despite long years of availability.

Gulder can also be considered a beer with national spread because of its easy availability across Nigeria.


This is another top beer brand in Nigeria from Nigeria Breweries.

Goldberg despite the push by Nigerian Breweries to see the beer spread across the country has remained much more popular and consumed in southwest Nigeria.

The beer has gone through so many reformation and repackaging processes all geared towards providing consumers with rich quality and smooth-tasting recipe.

It is one of the well brewed and processed beers in Nigeria.

“33” Export Lager Beer

Also in the list of Nigeria’s top beer brands is “33” Export Lager Beer.

The beer according to its makers, Nigerian Breweries is brewed to promote friendships and togetherness.

The beer was introduced in 1979 and has undergone series of repackaging and marketing strategies aimed at repositioning it as a top beer in Nigeria.

Of all lager beer listed here, 33 Export lager beer is the least patronised beer.

Nevertheless, the brand is rated among the top best beer brands in Nigeria.

Guinness Stout

Guinness stout is also a top beer in Nigeria though it is an ale type of beer.

It is the highest selling Guinness drink or product in Nigeria.

Guinness stout comes in three sizes of small, medium and big bottles.

It is very highly consumed ale beer in Nigeria, hence we considered it for this post as one of the top alcoholic drinks in Nigeria that’s is well brewed for consumption.


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