Lagos State Teachers Salary (2024)

How Much Lagos State Pay Teachers

Salaries of teachers in Nigeria is generally poor when compared to earnings of other professionals.

Salary of Lagos state teachers

Also, teachers make up the greater number of government workforce, notwithstanding, their pay is among the lowest in various Nigerian states.

Lagos state government is one of the best and highest paying states governments in Nigeria.

This is also reflected in salary of teachers in Lagos state.

How much salary Lagos state government pay teachers is one of the biggest teachers salary paid by a state government in Nigeria.

Most states governments are always in recruitment of teachers both for primary and secondary school education otherwise called universal basic education.

This is to help shore up the always over stretched teaching workforce witnessed across Nigerian states.

In this post, we will specifically be speaking about Lagos state teachers salary.

This post will specifically answer questions such as what is the monthly salary of teachers in Lagos state government school.

Teachers Salaries in Lagos State Government School

To give it a direction, this post will only take care of salaries of teachers in Lagos state government schools.

Salary of teachers in Lagos state private schools are not captured in this post.

It is also important to note that in Nigeria teachings appointments and profession can only be started or gotten with the following certification: NCE,OND,HND or first Degree.

This work also cover salary of primary school teachers in Lagos and salary of secondary school teachers in Lagos.

Lagos State Teachers Salary

On Average government school teachers in Lagos state earn salary in region of N58,000 monthly.

The entry level salary for teachers in Lagos state is around N46,000 per month. Salary of Lagos state teachers in level 14 and above is N81,000 and above monthly.

Benefits of Being a Government Teacher in Lagos

Being a government school teacher in Nigeria comes with some benefits unlike teachers in private owned school.

Retirement Age

Aside professors in universities, only teachers in government schools are given the privilege of having a longer years in service.

The retirement age for teachers in Nigeria is 65 years unlike 60 years which is stipulated for other government employees in other sectors.


Government school teachers are entitled to gratuity and pension upon retirement. This is geared towards providing teachers with a financial stable old age.

Consistent Leave

For teachers in government schools, every 3 months comes a leave. By this we mean end of every academic term,teachers enjoy some sort of off days from work.

So, teachers gets extended leave among on government employees.

Reduced Hours of Work

Teachers in Nigeria schools enjoys a reduced or shorter hours of work unlike other government staff and employees.

Most government schools close down at 2pm for the day. This gives teachers extra hours to engage in private works and duties.


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