Lagos To Abuja Flight Cost (2023)

Cost of Flight from Lagos to Abuja

On daily basis, good number of Nigerians travel from Lagos to Abuja by air.

Lagos To Abuja Flight Cost

It is not surprising that Lagos to Abuja flight route has experience the highest traffic among Nigeria local flight routes.

The two cities and states are very significant in Nigeria.

Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria while Abuja is the seat of Nigeria government.

So, most local airlines in Nigeria rely heavily on Lagos Abuja flight route for surviving in the business.

Every now and then, new air travelers are birthed.

These are people who are planning or is about to fly for first time.

Most times these type of air travelers are always in demand to know the price of flight or what it cost them to fly to their destination.

So, because we are aware that Lagos to Abuja flight route is the busiest in Nigeria, we have decided to provide our readers with the cost of flight from Lagos to Abuja.

This post will be highly significant to first time travelers, business executives and politicians who might have a cause to fly into Nigeria’s Capital city.

Price & Cost of Lagos to Abuja Flight

This article will discuss the price top airlines in Nigeria charge for Lagos to Abuja flight.

The cost of flight from Lagos to Abuja is dependent on certain variables such as airline, class of aircraft, type of ticket.

These are some of the factors that determines the price of Lagos to Abuja Flight.

Cost of One-Way Flight from Lagos to Abuja

By one way flight it mean only a “To” flight it means the ticket or cost of the flight is only for travel from Lagos to Abuja.

It does not include return flight expenses and cost. Some of the airlines one way flight tickets are listed below.

  • Arik Air: N30,000 – N40,000
  • Dana Airways: N27,000 – N36,000
  • Med View Airline: N29,000 – N45,000
  • Air Peace: N29000 – N44,000

Cost of Return Flight Ticket from Lagos to Abuja

This type of flight ticket from Lagos to Abuja cover both travel into and travel out expenses.

It cover both “To & Fro” movement of passengers.

Some of cost of Lagos to Abuja Return flight Tickets are.

  • Arik Air: N45,000 – N75, 000
  • Dana Airways: N43,000 – N75, 000
  • Med View Airline: N45, 000 – N73,000
  • Air Peace: N43, 000 – N70,000

These are some of the current price ans cost of Lagos to Abuja flight tickets in Nigeria currently.

How Long Does it Take To Fly From Lagos to Abuja

On average, it takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to fly from Lagos to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Nevertheless, some aircraft are faster in movement than other and as such can cover some distances faster than others.

Hence arrival times for Lagos to Abuja flight can vary slightly.

However, the average time is suppose to accommodate flight or aircrafts of different models.

According to trusted sources, flying distance from Lagos to Abuja is about 536 Kilometres.

This is about 333 Miles. By road, the driving distance between Lagos and Abuja cities is about 753 Kilometres.


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