10 Largest Markets In Nigeria (2023)

Some of the biggest open markets in Africa can be found in Nigeria.

largest market in nigeria

Despite surge and growth of online markets in Nigeria like Konga, Jumia, Jiji market etc, Nigerian open markets still hold and contributes to the highest number of deals and business transactions in Nigeria annually.

Some of these top markets contributes highly to the revenue of the respective states where they are situated.

Some of Nigeria viable states are the ones with biggest markets in the country. Most Nigerian markets like Onitsha market and Lagos markets, serve not just Nigeria populace but its African neighbors like Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Ghana.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will be discussing five largest markets in Nigeria. These are markets that serve as feeders to other Nigerian and African markets.

Largest Markets In Nigeria

These are some of the Nigeria’s largest open markets which are scattered across different parts of Nigeria.

Ranking of Nigeria’s largest market as enumerated in this post is in no particular order.

Alaba International Market, Ojo Lagos, Nigeria

Alaba International market, Ojo Lagos Nigeria is Nigerian largest electronic market. It is a daily market that is only closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Most Nigerian businessmen access and buys from Alaba international market. Apart from electronics, other items are sold and can be purchased from the market.

Most top electronics and phone accessories dealers order their goods from Alaba international market. The market is one of major source of revenue for Lagos state government.

Onitsha Main Market

Onitsha Main Market situated at Anambra State of Nigeria is often regarded as the largest market in west Africa in terms of trade volume and geographical size.

The market is managed by one of Nigeria most organized and strong market association, Onitsha Market Traders Association (OMATA).

The market serves most other markets all over Nigeria and West Africa. Onitsha market has the highest number of importers and exporters as well as general merchants.

A study conducted in 2018, found that seven (7) in every ten (10) 40 feet container goods are headed to Onitsha main market.

Infact, Onitsha is the only Nigeria city where all its nooks and crannies are markets.

Buyers and businessmen come all the way from Togo and other African countries to Onitsha to perform business transactions.

It is the busiest and most popular Nigerian market.

Ariaria International Market Aba, Abia State

One the largest Nigerian market is Ariari market situated at Aba city in Abia state. The market is regarded as the China of Nigeria.

Ariaria market is home to highest number of manufacturers in Nigeria. The market produces most of Nigerian wears ranging from clothes, shoes, belts etc.

Most Nigerian leather and fabrics work come from this market. It is also a daily market and open to businessmen from all over Nigeria and Africa. It is a general goods market as well.

Oshodi Market Lagos

Oshodi Market Lagos is a general goods market located at Lagos mainland. It is one of most populous markets in Nigeria and was established in 1860 by colonial governments to support slave trade.

The market is one of the best places to buy items like clothes, shoes, jewelry as well as fresh food items.

Nkwo Nnewi Bike Market

Often regarded as Nigerian Japan, the Nkwo Nnewi market is largest bike and motorcycle market in Nigeria and west Africa.

Most motorcycle makers like Honda, Hajoue, Yamaha etc. has outlets in the market.

It is also a daily market and highly populated. Most world motorcycle and its parts can be accessed and found at the market.

The market is located at Nnewi Town in Anambra State Nigeria.

Kurumi Market, Kano

Kurumi market which is the largest market in Kano is one of the biggest and largest markets in Nigeria.

Kurumi market is located at the center of Kano city.

The market is a general goods open market where varieties of item can be bought and sold at manufacturers price.

It is no doubt one of the Nigeria’s biggest largest markets by volume of trade.

Balogun Market, Lagos

Another market in Lagos that is considered among the largest markets in Nigeria is the Balogun markets.

The market is situated on large expanse of land at the Lagos Island.

It is the best market in Lagos to buy Cloth, jewelries and other wears accessories.

Mile 3 Market, Rivers State

In the list of largest markets in Nigeria is the Mile 3 market located in Port Harcourt city of Rivers state.

The market is general goods open market and is the biggest market in Rivers state. It is the most standard markets in Rivers state.


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