Latest “Yahoo Boys” Updates in Nigeria & Meaning of “HK”

This post will review the latest tricks used by “Yahoo Boys” in Nigeria to cash out and what”HK” means in “Yahoo Boys” terminology.

Online & Internet Scams in Nigeria

The term “Yahoo Boy or Boys” is used to refer to young people who indulge in different forms of cyber crimes in Nigeria.

The term was coined through the use of bombing of emails of Yahoo domain which was one of the most popular type of cyber crimes in early 2000s in Nigeria.

These fraudsters and cyber crimes perpertrators always seek out for what they called latest Yahoo updates or cash out update for yahoo boys which simply means the newest ways of commiting cyber crimes and ripping people off their money.

Some of them also refer to it as the latest Yahoo formats.

Part of what we will discuss in this article is different Yahoo Boys formats in Nigeria i.e how yahoo boys make money in Nigeria.

How “Yahoo Boys” Make Money in Nigeria

There are different ways how yahoo boys make money and cash out in Nigeria.

Morestill, most yahoo boys now needs only smartphone to carryout their dubious cybercimes.

Days are gone when “Yahoo Yahoo cyber crimes” is only done on laptop or desktop computers.

This days, it is very easy and possible to do Yahoo with phone and cash out big time.

There are many ways yahoo boys make money in Nigeria. These are some tricks of “Yahoo Boys” in Nigeria you should be wary of.

These yahoo updates and formats is how most yahoo boys in Nigeria make money currently.

Cryptocurrency Scams

This is the latest update for Yahoo Boys in Nigeria.

Yahoo Boys has taken advantage of acceptability of cryptocurrency in Nigeria and across the globe to commit cybercimes using the platform.

Many cryptocurrency and digital money operators who aren’t genuine in trading cryptocurrency like bitcoin use the platform to commit series of cybercimes.

Some of the most popular cryptocurrency Scams and fraud in Nigeria comes in following formats.

  • Some Yahoo Boys format comes by luring other traders of digital money into transferring their cryptocurrency to them as result of impersonation, fraudulent investment or business opportunities.
  • Obtaining access to a target’s digital wallet or authentication credentials as result of impersonation and hackings.

These are some of the latest bitcoin yahoo scams in Nigeria.

Romance Scams

Some Yahoo Boys also take advantage of dating and relationships websites to enter into relationships with faraway partners who is equally their target victims.

They convince victims of real love and relationships only to curry economics benefits from them through emotional manipulation.

This is one of the popular ways yahoo boys make money in Nigeria.

Social Engineering Scams

This is another update and format for yahoo boys where they use psychological manipulation and deceit to gain control of vital information relating to user accounts.

This is usually targeted at elderly people. Through this format, they gain access to their credit cards or bank ATM cards after making them believe they are being talked to by their bankers or persons of genuine interest.

Cryptocurrency and Currency Ponzi

This is another popular scam in Nigeria where Yahoo Boys pose as an influencer or rich business executive who will be doubling monies of those who invest in his or her Platforms or company.

Sometimes it starts with giveaway and flaunting of fake wealth. This money doubling platform can be either in form of cryptocurrency or normal currency.

Tools Used by “Yahoo Boys” in Nigeria for Their Scams

There are certain tools and softwares that aid Yahoo Boys in their cybercrime activities. The following are some things that aid cyber fraud in Nigeria.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Virtual Private Networks is one of the vital tools Yahoo Boys use in carrying out their hernious crimes.

VPN provide cover for traces and protects the computer system of Yahoo Boys thereby making it difficult to easily trace their locations.

It is one of the Yahoo Boys tools which is indispensable.

Cloned Sim Cards and Mobile Numbers

Most times, Yahoo Boys apply use of clones SIM cards and mobile numbers which is aimed at convincing victims that they operate from countries which they claim to reside or operate from.

The cloned sim cards helps to give credence to their assumed locations and country.

Fake Websites

Cloning of website is another very important tools with which Yahoo Boys operates in Nigeria.

They clone and build a copy of websites with which they intend to use in luring their viticms.

Victims hardly know that these websites are not original or their intended website destination.

Fake Pictures & Social Media Profiles

Faking of social media profiles and pictures is one of the tools Yahoo Boys can’t do without.

Most Yahoo Boys especially those in Romance scams do have multiple social media Profiles with numerous fake pictures of them.

What is Meaning of HK among “Yahoo Boys” in Nigeria

“HK” is terminology that is very popular among “Yahoo Boys” in Nigeria.

“HK” is a term used to refer to apartment or house where “Yahoo Boys” converge for the sole purpose of engaging in cybercimes.

“HK” among “Yahoo Boys” simply means”Headquarters” of Yahoo Activities.

This is why often you hear people say they want to attend “HK” or enter “HK”.

This is exactly what they mean when they say “HK” for “Yahoo Boys”


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