5 Leading Electronics Stores In Awka (2024)

Electronics are not cheap commodities and its market is a tricky one in Nigeria. It is a market made up of quality and substandard appliances. Nevertheless, use of electronic items are inevitable in our household.

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Lets talk about best electronics shops in Awka, Anambra state. Looking for best and top electronics stores in Awka, Anambra state? You could be helped by this write up.

It is disappointing and annoying to spend huge on an electronic gadget only to get home and discover you have been cheated or been sold to a fake or substandard electronic appliance.

However, some faults on newly purchased electronics are company errors and this can only take a reliable and top electronics dealer to retrieve and replace.

It is advisable you buy right and in best places in case of unforeseen incidents and need for a replace or fix.

In this post, we will be listing 5 biggest electronics stores in Awka.

These are the best electronics shops in Awka where original electronics are sold too.

Leading Electronics Stores In Awka

Stan Sat

Stan sat is one of biggest electronics shops in Awka and has three electronics outlets located within the city.

Two of these electronics stores are located at Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue, Awka and another at Enugu Onitsha express way close to first bank plc.

Stan Sat stores is exclusively dedicated for electronics and furniture sales. It is one of the places to get best deals within Awka as far as electronics is concerned.

Sims Digital Centre

Sims Digital Centre is a newly launched electronics shop at Awka. It is located along Enugu Onitsha express way adjacent Stan Sat electronics.

Sims digital combines sale of electronics with mobile gadgets. It is new in town and want to dominate electronics and digital market within Awka metropolis. They also operates outlets in major cities of Nigeria.

Albertina Electronics

Albertina electronics is one of oldest, biggest and most reliable electronics shops in Awka. Albertina has moved from its Aroma office to permanent store along Enugu Onitsha express way by Geo Gold hotel.

Albertina provides customers with best and brands of electronics. Best of the bests and top company’s electronics products like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Royal among others can be purchased at Albertina electronics. The electronics store also offer warranty on items purchased from their stores.

Ticon Electronics

Ticon electronics is located at Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue Awka opposite EEDC office. It is one of the biggest electronics dealers in Awka and combines electronics sales with furniture.They also deal on other interior and exterior decoration equipments.

Easy Life Electronics

Easy life electronics is located at Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue Awka opposite Sterling Bank.
Just like Ticon and Stan Sat, Easy Life combines electronics sale with furniture too. It is one of the best places to shop for electronic gadgets.


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