Life in Ghana Compared to Nigeria

Nigeria’s Naira vs Ghana’s Cedis: Which is More Valuable

The friendship and bilateral relationship between Ghana and Nigeria dates back to 50s.

Life in Ghana vs Nigeria

The two west African countries shares a lot in common from trade to entertainment, such as music, movies and language too.

Annually, many Nigerians and Ghanaians engage in migration across these two nations.

Arguments has raged about Nigeria and Ghana which country is more developed and has good standard of living.

To buttress the level of healthy rivalry between the two countries, even their foods like jellof rice has remain a lingering argument among their citizens who has continued to argue on which is most tasty and delicious.

Even the currency of both nations has become subject of debate.

“Naira vs Cedis which one is bigger and has more value” this query continues to dominate arguments among citizens of these two great nations.

However, government of both countries continues to maintain a healthy bilateral relationship both in trade, tourism and entertainment.

Many Nigerians students undertake their university education in Ghana, just as some Ghanaian students too in Nigeria.

In this post, we will be comparing life in Ghana with life in Nigeria.

Specifically, we will be looking at standard of living, power, people and currency of Nigeria and Ghana.

Also, we will look at business in Ghana Compared to Nigeria.

The People of Nigeria vs Ghana

The official language spoken by people of Nigeria and Ghana is English language.

Also, people of both countries speaks popular “pidgin English” English language blended with local dialect.

The people of Ghana tends to be more hospitable than Nigerians.

Female Ghanaians are most welcoming and very nice especially to strangers.

The people of Nigeria and Ghana are of mix colours.

Not all is dark in complexion as there are many light or fair skinned people in both countries.

Development in Ghana vs Nigeria

Development in Nigeria compared to Ghana is very unfair comparison.

This is because Nigeria is 10 times bigger than Ghana.

Most times Ghana is compared with biggest economic city in Nigeria, Lagos.

While some parts of Ghana like its capital Accra is beautiful so also Kumasi.

Lagos is more developed city than Ghana’s best cities.

So, interms of development and beauty, Nigeria’s best cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt is more developed and beautiful than Ghana best cities.

Electricity in Ghana Compared to Nigeria

There is no comparison of electricity in Ghana with those of Nigeria.

While Ghanaians enjoys nearly steady power supply, same can’t be said of Nigerians.

However people has attributed that Ghana’s stable power supply is owing to their small and manageable size.

This we will not be agreeing to because size can’t be barrier to steady power supply.

Roads in Nigeria compared to Ghana is also same structure.

Government of both countries are not doing enough on roads.

While good roads abound in both countries, dilapidated ones also exists too.

Nigeria’s Naira vs Ghana’s Cedis: Which One is Higher

Citizen of both countries has continued to compared the currency of Nigeria and Ghana.

This is in bid to ascertain between Naira and Cedis which one is bigger and more valuable.

Most times, what informs travel across these two countries is greener pastures.

Because of this, citizen of these nations always want to know Nigeria and Ghana money which one is bigger and more valuable.

Nigeria’s economy is far bigger than those of Ghana, so it is important to note this before discussing Naira vs Cedis valuation.

While interms of currency exchange, Cedis goes for about N80 to 1 Cedi, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people in Ghana earn more than Nigerians.

Sometime in 2007, Ghana devalued its currency in a bid to close up gap to dollar.

It however back fired. Today, depsite Ghana Cedis exchanging for more naira, Naira’s purchasing power is much bigger than Cedis in Nigeria.

For example 1 Cedis can’t be used to purchase anything tangible in Ghana but it’s exchange equivalent in Nigeria which is around N80 – N90 can be used to purchase goods like breads, snacks and recharge airtimes.

While Ghana currency is bigger than naira in official exchange, Niara has more purchasing power in Nigeria’s economy than Cedis purchasing power in Ghana.

So, what naira can buy in Nigeria, Cedis may not buy same its equivalent in Ghana.

Business in Nigeria & Business in Ghana

Nigeria remain third best investments destination in Africa.

This is owing to its population and liberal policies.

In Ghana, retail business is exclusively reserved for Ghanaians only.

So, foreigners who are going to Ghana for business must be a top investors who will go into manufacturing or sole franchise.

However, in Nigeria same isn’t the case. Everyone even foreigners who are law abiding is free to live and engage in legitimate business in Nigeria at any level.

Business is most viable in Nigeria than Ghana because of Nigerian’s population and Port facilities.

Also, business policies for foreigners in Ghana is more cumbersome than those of Nigeria.

It is easier to set up business in Nigeria than in Ghana.


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