10 Major Markets In Lagos & Locations

Lagos is the economic hub of Nigerian state. Just like Onitsha in Anambra State, Lagos has some of the country’s biggest markets.

lagos major markets

With the ever-busy ports in Lagos state, economic activities and markets is on the rise in the state.

Every organized society needs a standard market where basic items and needs can be purchased.

Most nook and crannies of Lagos is markets, however there are major markets in the state where a specific item can be purchased at great prices.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will be discussing major markets in Lagos state.

Lagos Major Markets

Alaba International Market

Alaba international market is one of Africa biggest electronics markets. The market is located at Ojo Alaba Lagos.

The market has over 5000 shops and with over 2 million transactions taking place at the market daily.

The market serves several Nigerian and African electronics markets. It is a daily market which closes only on Sundays and public holidays.

Jankara Market

Another major and popular markets in Lagos is Jankara market. Jankara market is known for sales of locally made products like trade jewelries, cloth, tie- dyed etc.

Goods can be gotten at a very affordable price at Jankara market.

Balogun Market

Balogun Market is a general goods market in Lagos. It is also one of most populous Lagos markets.

Economic activities can begin as early as 5am in the market. Articles like provisions, clothing, jewelries can be sourced from the market.

Buyers from all parts of Nigeria and west Africa access Balogun market because of the market good pricing.

Oyingbo Market

Oyingbo market is one of major Lagos markets. It is a general goods and daily market. Oyingbo market is one of oldest markets in Lagos state.

One of the major items sold at the market is food stuff. The market is located at Oyingbo Lagos mainland.

Aswani Market

Aswani market is a major market in Lagos state where used items or secondhand items can be purchased at mind blowing prices.

The market, though not as popular as Alaba and Balogun markets, it is one of Lagos state highly recognized markets.

It is located beside the Isolo local government council office. At Aswani market, tuesdays are regarded as peak market day.

Ladipo Motor Spare Parts Market

Ladipo market is one of the top motor spare parts markets in Nigeria and west Africa. Also, used cars can be purchased from the market. It is one of most popular markets in Lagos.

Mile 12 Market

Mile 12 market is a major market in Lagos known for great dealings on food stuffs and perishable goods.

It is one of the oldest markets in Lagos and has been serving Lagos inhabitants and neighboring states for years.

The market is in Ketu local government area of Lagos state. Items like tomatoes, onions, yams etc. can be purchased as good prices at the market.

Computer Village

Computer village is a market in Lagos where technology gadgets like computers, tablets and phones are sold.

The market is the biggest of its kind in Nigeria. It is located at Ikeja Lagos. It is a daily market.

Those visiting the market for first time should be careful and mindful of the deals they enter.

Yaba / Tejuosho Market

Yaba-Tejuosho market has been given a face lift it deserves. It is one of the most beautiful markets in Lagos.

The market is dominated by gold and jewelry merchants, dollar exchange dealers, curtain and clothes merchants. It is one of the most bubbling and ever busy markets in Lagos state.

Oshodi Market

Oshodi market in Lagos is a major market where both perishable and non-perishable goods are sold.

The market’s new location is Isopakodowo after the demolition of the old arena in Owonifari. There exists over 600 shops at the market.


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