10 Major Markets In Onitsha, Anambra State & Locations

Anambra State, a state in south east geopolitical zone of Nigeria, has the highest number of markets in Nigeria.

major markets in anambra state

Indigenes of Anambra state are known for their high entrepreneurial culture and spirit. The state boosts of highest number of billionaires in Africa.

Trading is one of the major occupations of Anambra people and it is not a coincidence why the state has many markets within its territory.

There is a popular quote and slangs used always at the state which is “Markets has produced more millionaires than Universities”.

This above statement sums up innate beliefs by the people of the state that it’s easier to make money through business than civil service.

As years goes by, more markets keep springing up at different locations of the state. These markets serve as major source of Anambra state internally generated revenue.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will be discussing major markets in the state and their location.

This article will be significant to potential entrepreneurs as it will aid their feasibility study and decision making.

Anambra Major Markets

Onitsha Main Market

Onitsha main market has been adjudged the biggest in west Africa in terms of volume of goods and geo graphical size.

Onitsha main market is one of most popular and populous markets in Africa. The market is the epicenter of trade in the Igbo-dominated southeast region.

The market is located at extreme part of the city by bank of River Niger, in Onitsha North LGA.

It is a daily and general goods market. The market has the highest number of importers in and manufacturers in Nigeria, hence goods can be gotten at cheap in the market.

At the market, different article dealers occupy a designated location in the market which makes it easier for customers to get their goods without stress.

Onitsha main market is regarded as the central market in Onitsha and serves other markets within the city, the state and beyond.

Ochanja Market

Ochanja market is a general goods and daily market located at Onitsha south LGA. The market is a two-floor market with traders and importers selling their goods at designated locations.

The market is a stone throw from Onitsha main market. Ochanja market is smaller to main market in terms of volume of goods and size and most of traders at Ochanja market source their goods from main market.

Bridge Head Building & Pharmaceutical Market

Another very popular and big market in Anambra State is the Bridge Head market. Just as the name implies, the market is located at left side of head of River Niger bridge.

The major goods sold at the market is building materials like plumbing materials, steel and irons, woods and other building equipments.

The market is the major pharmaceutical market in Nigeria. At the market, drugs and other medical equipment are sold. Many manufacturer’s representatives can be found at the market.

New Auto Spare Parts Market Nkpor

The major auto spare parts market in Anambra state is new auto spare parts Nkpor. The market is located at Nkpor town along Enugu Onitsha express way.

At the market, vehicle parts like trucks, caterpillars and cars are sold. The market serves as the major spare parts market for other west African spare parts markets.

New Tyre Market Nkpor

Just a stone throw from new auto parts Nkpor is the new tyre market. The market is also situated along Enugu Onitsha express way.

It is a major market for tyre dealers and merchants. At the market, truck tyres, car tyres and caterpillar tyres can be found.

Building Material International Market Ogidi

The biggest building material market in Anambra state is Ogidi international market. The market is located at Ogidi town, along Enugu Onitsha express way.

At the market, different building materials ranging from cements, rods, doors, nails etc are sold at manufacturer price.

The market is expanding as new entrepreneurs keep making their ways into the market.

Relief Market Onitsha

This is another general goods market located at Onitsha Owerri express way. The market is one of the oldest markets in Onitsha and Anambra state.

The market also offers good prices of articles and items sold at the market.

Old Auto Parts Obosi

Another major auto parts market in Anambra state is old auto parts market Obosi. The market is situated at Obosi town, off Onitsha Owerri express way.

At the market, old auto parts can be gotten as well as secondhand used motor parts.

Awka Main Market

Awka, the capital of Anambra state has a major market known as Awka main market. The market is a daily and general goods market located at Zik avenue Awka.

The market has two section: perishable goods section and non-perishable goods section.

At the perishable goods section is where food items dealers can be found. The market serves Awka inhabitants and surrounded towns.

Nnewi Motorcycle Market

The biggest motorcycle market in west Africa is situated Nnewi city. At the market manufacturer’s representatives like Honda, Yamaha, Hajoue, Nasara can be found.

Both motorcycles and its parts are sold majorly in the market. The market is situated at a large expanse of land.


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