Medical Doctors Salary Structure In Nigeria (2022)

It is not difficult to see why medicine as profession is among the top paying professions in every country and society.

salary of medical doctors in nigeria

The importance of the profession cannot be overemphasized and overlooked as health is wealth.

Health care is one of the basic needs that man will stop at nothing in trying to access no matter the cost.

The journey of becoming a medical doctor is a tough one not just in Nigeria but in almost every society.

Despite the notorious unemployment rate in Nigeria, medical profession is among very few professions that guarantee almost instant job upon graduation.

However, medicine and surgery are the most competitive course to study in Nigeria as not all universities in Nigeria run medical programs.

Because of this reason, few medical institutions in the country are faced with stiff competition from candidates applying to study medical profession.

Medical profession command pride and respect in Nigeria. Most medical related students have confessed of having medicine and surgery as their dream course of study.

Apart from the pride and respect that goes with medical profession, many students enroll in the course with intention of having a guaranteed job upon graduation and earning handsomely.

The question now is, how handsomely are medical doctors paid in Nigeria. In this post, Nigerian Informer will be discussing the average salary of medical doctors in Nigeria right from Housemanship through to NYSC and post NYSC.

In Nigeria, salaries of medical doctors are regulated by two bodies known as Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) and Consolidated University Academic Structure (CONAUSS).

CONHESS body regulates the salary of medical doctors working in Hospitals and Clinics while CONAUSS regulates salary of medical doctors in academics.

We will be looking at the earnings of medical doctors who work in government hospitals and those working in private clinics in this article.

How Much Medical Doctors Earn In Nigeria?

Just as obtained in other professions, salary of medical doctors in Nigeria differs depending on working environment and specialization.

It will be like living in fool’s paradise for anyone to think that all medical doctors in Nigeria is on six figure salary.

Medical doctors who work in government hospitals and clinics especially federal government owned hospitals earn far above what those who work in private hospitals and clinics earn.

Due to recent influx and increase in the number of Nigerians going into medical profession, it became practically impossible for Nigerian government to engage all medical doctors in Nigeria.

So, some are left with no option than to practice with a private hospital and clinics. The good news is that there are always openings and needs for medical doctors both at government and private owned clinics and hospitals.

Medical Doctors Housemanship Salary In Nigeria.

Upon graduation, every Nigerian medical doctor is expected to proceed on a compulsory one-year medical practice after induction where the newly inducted medical doctors are given the opportunity to work on a professional level with other medical counterparts.

This is starting point of earning for medical doctors. There is always a high rush to practice Housemanship in a government owned hospital as a result of good and high pay offered by the government owned clinics.

So, amount medical doctors earn during Housemanship differs depending on clinics where one works.

On average, during Housemanship, House officers as they are called are paid between N120,000 to N200,000.

As a result of increased competition from medical doctors applying for Housemanship in government hospitals, many government hospitals especially federal owned ones now conduct tests for intending Housemanship applicants.

Medical Doctors NYSC Salary In Nigeria

Upon completion of one-year Housemanship, medical doctors in Nigeria proceed on a one-year mandatory national service to Nigeria under a scheme known as National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

During these periods, these doctors are posted to hospitals and clinics within their service state.

Medical doctors are the best paid NYSC staff during the service year. Their earnings during NYSC depends on their state of service as some Nigerian states pays NYSC doctors handsomely during NYSC.

On Average, medical doctors earn between N50,000 to N150,000 depending on their state of service and those performing their service in private hospitals.

Salary Of Medical Doctors In Government Hospitals/Clinics In Nigeria

Medical doctors can work for government hospitals and clinics in different capacities, either as medical officer, resident doctor or consultant.

The salaries for medical doctors working in these capacities differs.

Medical officer with government hospital earns between N180,000 to N500,000 per month.

Resident Doctor with a government hospital earns between N190,000 to N 280,000 each month.

Consultant in a government hospital earns between N700,000 to N900,000 monthly.

Salaries Of Medical Doctors In Private Hospitals/Clinics In Nigeria

Medical doctors working in private hospitals and clinics in Nigeria do not earn as high as those in the government hospitals.

However, their salaries are still very much decent.

Medical officer in a private hospital earns between N70,000 to N150,000 monthly.

Resident doctor in a private hospital earns between N120,000 to N300,000 each month.

Consultants in private hospital earns between N400,000 to N600,000 per month.


The salary of a medical doctor does not necessarily mean his/her income. Most Nigerian doctors take up more than one medical job and as such will have multiple source of income.

Some medical doctors in academics also consult for hospitals or work in private clinics and hospitals.


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