Medicine vs Nursing in Abroad Which One Pays Higher

Doctors & Nurses Who Earns More Money Abroad?

Survey has established that most medical doctors and nurses in Nigeria dream to practice abroad.

Pay of doctors & nurses abroad

Some of the most preferred abroad destinations for Nigerian doctors and nurses is, USA, UK, Europe and some parts of Middle East.

While both medicine & nursing are lucrative careers both in Nigeria and abroad, most Nigerians always want to find out if Nurses are paid better and higher than doctors abroad.

This is because of a popular notion that nursing is highly lucrative abroad.

While we acknowledge that nurses are well and highly paid abroad unlike in Nigeria, the big question which brought about this post is do Nurses earn higher than doctors abroad.

All these and more about earnings of doctors and nurses in UK and US will form part of our discourse in this post.

Also to be talked about in this article is between medicine & nursing which is easy to study abroad.

Doctors vs Nurses: Who Earns Most in US & UK

The aged long notion that Nurses (nursing) is a better paid career than Doctors (medicine) abroad is wrong one.

While wages and pay abroad is determined by number of hours put in for work, the allowances and wages per hour of medical doctors is higher than those of nurses in both USA & UK.

Both doctors and nurses are in demand in US, UK and most Europe, however, it is easier to practice nursing in abroad than medicine.

In most countries abroad, Nigerian doctors are limited because of requirements needed to practice medicine in these top countries like US & UK.

In terms of doctors and nurses pay abroad, the wages of doctors outweighs those of nurses.

However, doctors who didn’t put in long hours of work might be out earned by nurses who put long hours of work.

So, Medicine is more lucrative than nursing both in Nigeria and abroad.

Medicine vs Nursing : Which is Easy to Study Abroad

Studying Medicine or Nursing is not a walk in park anywhere be it in Nigeria or abroad.

However, it is easier to study Nursing abroad when compared to Medicine.

The average number of years for studying nursing in US or UK is 3½ years.

Also, one can study Nursing abroad after graduating from high school.

This is not the case with medicine. It is more demanding to study medicine abroad.

To study medicine abroad requires one to first obtain a first degree in natural science course like Nursing, Biology, Radiography, Science Med Lab.

Even as medical doctor in Nigeria, to practice in US, you will be required to sit for USMLE examination which requires top performance.

This is our take on Medicine vs Nursing which is easy to study abroad.

Finally, above all, passion and hard-work should be the bane for having successful and easy study of medicine or nursing both in Nigeria and abroad.

Those who have experience in both careers abroad can use our comment section to share their experiences about studying medicine or nursing abroad, specifically in US or UK.

Also, we would love ot have their views about the difference in earnings of doctors and nurses in abroad like US or UK.


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