Price of Men’s Suits in Nigeria (2022)

Cost of Men’s Suits in Nigeria

How much suits for men are sold in Nigeria is an everyday question.

Cost of Men's Suits in Nigeria

It is not new that Nigerians borrows and continues to borrow western culture.

Dress sense is one of the western cultures that Nigerians have embraced.

Use of suits for wedding and official engagements has become a norm in Nigeria.

This has played on men’s suits prices and costs in Nigeria.

Men’s suits in Nigeria are not everyday wear especially for those outside coporate world.

Studies have shown that use of suits by men in Nigeria are most limited to weddings and offices.

Despite this, certain jobs and positions in Nigeria is making it inevitable for men in Nigeria to use suits.

The big question is what is the price of men’s suits in Nigeria.

Most suits in Nigeria are already made. However, there are still small population of Nigerian men who still make their own suits from dress makers.

This could be either as result of their size or the cost of men’s suits in Nigeria.

So in this post we will discussing the average cost of men’s suits in Nigeria.

Be it price of already made men’s suits in Nigeria or cost of sowing men’s suits in Nigeria.

Information and details on the price and cost of suits for men in Nigeria will be helpful to young men joining the corporate world in Nigeria as well as those planning for weddings.

Aside from the above, it is always good and advisable to always have a suit in your wardrobe for eventualities.

Men’s Suits in Nigeria: Price and Costs

There are different types of men’s suits in Nigeria.

However, the most popular type of men’s suits in Nigeria are the plain men’s suits which is usually used as coporate suits in Nigeria and designers suits.

For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing the price of men’s corporate and wedding suits in Nigeria.

Generally, the price of men’ s suits in Nigeria starts from N18,000.

This includes both price of brand new men’s suits and cost of making men’s suits in Nigeria.

Base on fabrics and styles of suits in Nigeria, the price can go as high as N50,000.

However, generally, with N18,000 one can get a decent men’s suits in Nigeria both already made and vice versa.

Cheapest Place To Buy Men’s Suits in Lagos

Because of its status, Lagos is the largest market for men’s suits in Nigeria.

Most young people who gets job newly in the city are always looking for where to buy quality men’s suits cheap in Lagos.

From our survey and study, the best place to buy suits cheap in Lagos is at Open markets.

These are markets where clothes and fabrics are sold.

Also, online stores that sell men’s suits are also available in Lagos.

These online retail stores also gives the best price for suits sales in Lagos.

Online are some of the place ot buy cheap men’s suits.

However, make sure that that for online purchase of suits, insist on pay on delivery so that you can inspect and access the wear before buying.

Best Men’s Suit Stores in Lagos

There are numerous places to buy men’s suits in Lagos.

However some men’s suit stores in Lagos stand out as best suits stores in the city.

These suits stores are some of the best places buy Italian and Turkey suits in Lagos, Nigeria.

Their prices of suits are also fair too, making them places to buy men’s suits cheap in Lagos. Below are some suits stores in Lagos.

Suit Hall Limited

Suits Hall Limited is one of the best suits stores in Lagos city.

They can be found at No. 3, Ladipo Olukoya Street, Off Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village 100232, Anthony, Lagos, Nigeria.

The store is one of the best male clothing stores in Lagos.

Suit Masters

This another good men’s suit store in Lagos. Suit masters offers you good and quality Italian suits, blazers, trousers,shirt, tires, shoes and other wears accessories.

It among the places to buy quality men’s suits in Lagos.

This is a top online store for men’s suits in Lagos.

They are renowned for sale of quality wedding suits in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

They also offer sales of other wears accessories.

They are both online and offline. This means you can visit their office and buy too.


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