Miss Nigeria & MBGN: Differences and Similarities

What is The Difference Between Miss Nigeria & MBGN 

Till date, not so many people can differentiate between Miss Nigeria and Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN).

miss nigeria & mbgn:diffrences and similarities

So many people ignorantly interchange the two competitions think they are one competition with two titles.

For Nigerian models who wishes to contest for Nigeria’s top and biggest beauty pageantry, you need information concerning Miss Nigeria & MBGN.

Also, this post will clarify between Miss Nigeria and Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria which is bigger.

Miss Nigeria and MBGN are different beauty competitions owned by different organizers.

In sports perspectives, the two beauty competitions can best be compared as Chelsea and Manchester United.

This post will do well to inform our readers between Miss Nigeria & Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) which is the bigger beauty contest in Nigeria.

Also, this article will give details on how to enroll and contest for Miss Nigeria & MBGN beauty contest in Nigeria.

Miss Nigeria

Miss Nigeria beauty contest took off in 1957 and was the first national female beauty contest in Nigeria.Miss Nigeria is organized by news publishers, Daily Times.

Before now, winners of miss Nigeria, represent Nigeria in international beauty contest like Miss World and Miss Universe until Daily Times lost the license to send participants to international beauty contest to Silverbird group who are the organizers of MBGN.

Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MGBN)

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria is a beauty pageant organized by Silverbird group.

Before the name, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, the contest was known as Miss Universe Nigeria.

It was started in 1983 but gained prominence in 1986. Since its emergence, MBGN, have rivaled Miss Nigeria and successfully took license of international beauty contest competition from Miss Nigeria.

Similarities Between Miss Nigeria & MBGN

Both Miss Nigeria and MBGN are the major top female national beauty contest in Nigeria geared towards showcasing the positive attributes of Nigerian women.

Winners of both contests are highly revered and open to limitless opportunities as well as mouth-watering deals in Nigeria.

Differences Between MBGN & Miss Nigeria

The difference between MBGN and Miss Nigeria can best be compared to Miss USA and Miss America.

Winners of Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria have the opportunity to represent Nigeria in international beauty contest like Miss World, Miss Universe & Miss Ecowas.

This is a big stage winner of Miss Nigeria do not share and lack the opportunity to do so anymore because Daily Times, organizers of Miss Nigeria, lost license to participate in international beauty pageantry to Silverbird group.

So, to many people, Miss Nigeria is just a contest to becoming a local champion.

Nevertheless, change is constant, there stand a chance that sooner or later, Miss Nigeria beauty contest winners might be back at the international stage once again if their organizers can edge out Silverbird and secure license of participation.


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