Mobile Wardrobe Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Mobile, Moveable or Student’s wardrobe in Nigeria comes in many forms.

Some mobile wardrobe comes in steel, wooden and foldable too.

The price and how much mobile wardrobe cost in Nigeria is based factors such as the make up, size and material used in production.

Mobile wardrobe has afforded young people especially students flexibility in the use of wardrobe irrespective of location and accomodation type.

It is mostly called students wardrobe because if its heavy use and preferance by students.

Nevertheless, it is still very much popular and used by the general public irrespective of social status.

Wardrobes are very essential in the homes in that they help keep the house tidy as well as contribute to its aesthetics.

The type of mobile wardrobe to buy is decided highly by the user and purpose of purchase.

This is because mobile wardrobe comes in varying forms and constructions too.

In this post, we will review different types of mobile wardrobes and their prices in Nigeria.

Price of Student’s Mobile Wardrobe

What this post will help you discover is the average price of different types of mobile wardrobes in Nigeria.

It is imperative to note that the price of mobile wardrobes will slightly different across different dealers and merchants.

Hence this article stating the cost price of mobile wardrobes will help you budget adequately for purchase of mobile wardrobes in Nigeria.

Steel & Fabrics Detachable Mobile Wardrobe- N15,000 -N40,000

This is the most popular type of mobile and moveable wardrobes in Nigeria.

They are made off light fabrics and steel poles. It can be patterned in many ways and buyers can choose the pattern they are in preference with.

The high price margin for this detachable mobile wardrobe is based on its sizes and patterns.

The average price of the cheapest type of mobile wardrobe is N15,000.

It is the most easily moveable and mobile wardrobe in Nigeria. The high costly ones cost around N40,000.

Wooden Mobile Wardrobe – N25,000 – N70,000

Moveable and mobile wardrobe can as well be in wooden form.

This type of mobile wardrobe is not so popular because of its cost and flexibility.

The average cost of cheapest wooden mobile wardrobe is about N25,000.

It is most used in motels and quest houses. It is one of the student’s mobile wardrobe that’s prevalent in Nigeria.

The cost of wooden mobile is largely decided by the quality of woods and well as the pattern of construction.

The most expensive wooden mobile wardrobe cost around N70,000 to purchase or construct in Nigeria.

Things To Consider When Buying Mobile Wardrobe

There are certain factors to be put into cognizance when purchasing mobile wardrobe. Some of the factors we will be discussing below.


Mobile wardrobes are moveable, detacheable and mobile.

However, the steel and fabrics mobile wardrobes is much more flexible and can easily be detached and packed in the bags.

This may not be so easily done with the wooden mobile wardrobe.

So, as student or short term tenant, when buying mobile wardrobes, consider flexibility of mobile wardrobe of your choice.


This should also be considered before making a purchase of mobile wardrobes.

The available space for the wardrobe should be considered to ascertain the size, pattern and type of mobile wardrobe that best suits the mobile wardrobe.


The mobile wardrobe that best gives your apartment the best look and beauty should be considered too.

Apart from keeping the apartment tidy and organised, wardrobes gives an apartment it’s best looks and makes it much more liveable too.


Market survey has shown that the foldable steel and fabrics mobile wardrobe is cost effective when compared to the wooden mobile wardrobe.

So, you might also consider your budget when trying to purchase or buy mobile Student’s wardrobe in Nigeria.


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