10 Most Developed Countries In Africa (2023)

Africa is second largest continent, behind Asia. African is made-up of 54 recognized independent countries.

most developed african countries

Africa has enormous human and natural resources. However, the ability to harness these huge human and natural resources to bring an improved life and standard of living has been a mirage for majority of African countries and Africans.

Despite high selling international commodities like crude oil and gold which exists in most African countries, the continent has been identified as headquarters of poverty. This is as a result of certain factors which will be a story for another day.

Notwithstanding poverty and underdeveloped witnessed in many African nations, some countries within the continent has made and been making great efforts toward improving its human capacity and infrastructure.

Some African countries have taken front seat in terms of development through concerted efforts and result driven government.

Every year, the United Nations (UN) releases indices and indicators for assessment of human development.

United Nations uses Human Development Index (HDI) in assessing and ranking countries development rate.

Parameters mostly used includes education, health, life expectancy and income distribution. When these data are collated, results show high and low performing countries.

Putting into cognizant the above factor, Nigerian Informer will be listing ten (10) most developed African countries.

Most Developed Countries In Africa

Are these countries in Africa the most beautiful and developed? Read on and find what our team of writers thinks about African’s top 10 developed countries.

#1 Seychelles

Seychelles is made of an estimate population of 95,000 inhabitants. The major source of the country’s income earner is tourism.

The African country is making efforts to diversify its source of income by attracting other businesses.Life expectancy at Seychelles is 73. Seychelles gross national income per capita is $26,077.

#2 Mauritius

Beautiful island country of Mauritius is one of the most promising and fast rising African countries.The economy of the country is stable and in great shape. Mauritius has a population of about 1.3 million people.

Life expectancy at Mauritius is 74.9, while their gross national income per capita pegged at $20,189.

#3 Algeria

Algeria by land mass is the biggest African country. The country is currently enjoying a stable economy after the few years of turbulent oil prices.

The country has been able to reduce poverty by 20% within past 20 years. gross national income per capita at Algeria is $13,802, while life expectancy is 76.

#4 Tunisia

North African country of Tunisia is gradually regaining its economic past glory after some political instability.

Economic growth in Tunisia is mainly driven by agriculture, tourism, mechanical and electrical export. Life expectancy at Tunisia is 75.9 while $10,275 is the gross national income per capita.

#5 Botswana

Not a country many people would easily predict to make the list, Botswana through mining, construction and services have built a friendly economy for her people and inhabitants.

Despite problems of unemployment in the country, the nation has changed its poverty status. Life expectancy at Botswana is 67.9.

#6 Libya

It is surprising that Libya makes this list. It is well known that Libya is rich a country and one of world top oil producers.

However, because of political instability witnessed in the nation, it is astonishing how well the nation has fared.Life expectancy at Libya is 71 and its gross national income per capita is $11,100.

#7 Gabon

Gabon one of top players in oil producing in Africa makes the list. Most part of Gabon is urban areas.

The country is heavily reliant on oil. Diversification is on the card as the country looks to shore up its major sources of income earnings.

Life expectancy at Gabon is 66.5 while gross national income per capita is $16,431.

#8 South Africa

South Africa is one of the most beautiful and most visited country in Africa. The country has the best infrastructure in African continent.

The country is one of the big players in the continent. South Africa is one of world largest gold and platinum exporters.

Though inequality in South Africa is high. Life expectancy at the country is 63.4 while their gross national income per capita is $ 11, 933.

#9 Egypt

Egypt is enjoying a great and stable economy. One of Egypt main source of income is tourism.

The GDP of the country has grown by 5.3%. The nation went through lots of reforms which helped put its economy back on track.

However, the country needs to improve its health care system and reduce unemployment. Life expectancy at Egypt is 71.7. Egypt gross national income per capita is $ 10,355.

#10 Morocco

North African country of Morocco has solid and stable economy. The economy of Morocco is well diversified.

The country is faced with problem of creating jobs for its young population. Industrialization in Morocco is encouraging.Life expectancy at Morocco is 76 and gross national income per capita is pegged at $7,340.


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