Top 10 Most Developed States in Nigeria (2023)

The indices for measuring the most developed states in Nigeria in this article is urbanisation and overall territory development.

Nigeria is made up of 36 states and federal capital territory.

This write up will review states with all-round development and urbanisation in Nigeria.

The Nigerian states are carefully demarcated from one another and made up of severally local councils and towns.

The administrative heads of states in Nigeria is the executive governor aided by deputies.

The states in Nigeria are mandated by the constitution through item on residual list and concurrent list to develop on their pace and resources.

So, the development of states in Nigeria is uneven owing to factors such as resources, infrastructure, culture etc.

Urbanisation is one of the parameters for measuring development of states in Nigeria.

The most urbanised states are rated as the most developed in Nigeria while less developed states in Nigeria most times are those with very little urbanisation, economic activities and infrastructure.

Often times people in Nigeria prefers to live in urban centers,hence migration to most developed states and cities in Nigeria is usually highly as result of perceive economic benefits associated with top developed states in Nigeria.

Considering overall territory urbanisation of states in Nigeria, we will be profiling the list of best developed states in Nigeria.

Ranking of Most Developed States in Nigeria

In rating the most all round developed states in Nigeria, we reviewed the level of urban centers across the territories of all states in Nigeria and FCT.

Also, apart from the government infrastructures, we also looked at the private infrastructure which also aids in urbanisation, development and ratings of state’s beautification in Nigeria.

Here is the review of states in Nigeria that is the most developed.

Lagos State

Lagos state is ranked the most developed state in Nigeria by miles.

The southwest state is the commercial capital of Nigeria with over 20 million residents.

All parts of Lagos is urban centers and the state boost of having the biggest infrastructure in Nigeria among other states.

Lagos is the headquarters of majority of mutilnational firms in Nigeria.

The state is also one of the coastal states in Nigeria with the biggest and busiest seaports and airports in Nigeria.

Although,interms of land mass and size, Lagos is one of the smallest states in Nigeria,but it is the most populous state in Nigeria and by far is considered the most developed state in Nigeria.


Abuja which is the federal capital territory isn’t like a normal state in Nigeria but a territory for seat of Nigeria’s federal government.

However, it is seen as one of the states in Nigeria and it is second most developed state in Nigeria.

FCT houses the headquarters of most federal government agencies and parastatals.

The infrastructural development of the territory is impressive with good road network, housing schemes, hospitality businesses and more.

Abuja is easily one of the top developed states in Nigeria.

Anambra State

Anambra state, a state in Southeast Nigeria is rated the third most developed states in Nigeria interms of overall urbanisation.

The state is a highly commercialised states and has numerous major markets and clusters of cities.

Onitsha which is the biggest city in Anambra state is one of the most built-up cities in Nigeria.

Anambra state has over 5 million residents and also has many private infrastructural projects and estates.

Greater parts of the state are urban centers and semi-urban centers.

The rural areas of the state is witnessing rapid development through government and private projects.

Rivers State

Another highly developed state in Nigeria is Rivers state in southsouth Nigeria.

Rivers state capital Port Harcourt is one of the largest cities in Nigeria.

Also, the state has numerous small cities within its territory and is one of the most industrialised states in Nigeria.

Rivers state is a major oil producing state in Nigeria and is gradually forming an overall urbanisation of its territory.

Apart from industries, Rivers state commercial activities is very high and this is promoting migration of people into the state.

Abia State

Abia State also ranks 5th amongst the most developed states in Nigeria.

The state has a very good all round urbanisation going from Umuahia the state capital to Aba the major commercial town.

Aside the commerce of the state, it is also an oil producing state which contributes significantly to its infrastructure.

Smaller cities and semi urban centres can be found across the state too.

Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom state is also ranked among top 10 most developed states in Nigeria.

It is the largest oil producing state in Nigeria. The coastal state has some major cities within its territory like Uyo the state’s capital, Eket, Oron and others with good solid road networks.

Akwa Ibom state is one of the states in Nigeria where significant developments and urban centers can be found outside the capital city.

Hence,this state is in the list of 10 most developed states in Nigeria.

Ogun State

Ogun state is another Yoruba state that is in the list of top ten most developed states in Nigeria.

Industrlization has helped create more urban centers in Ogun state especially the areas towards Lagos like, Sagamu, Ota etc.

Ogun state is currently one of the top 5 most industrialised states in Nigeria with major firms having their factories and production plants in the state.

Kano State

Kano state is the most all round developed state in northern Nigeria.

It is also one of the most developed states in Nigeria with high volume of trade and population.

It is one of the states with many urban centers and cities in Nigeria especially in the North.

Kano is unarguably the richest state in northern Nigeria and has some of the best infrastructure like roads, market, industries in North excluding Abuja.

Imo State

Imo state is one of the Nigeria’s most developed states in all facets.

Imo state is one of the state with heavy investments in hospitality and entertainment industry.

The state is made up of urban and semi urban centers with massive private individuals building projects.

It is also one of the oil producing states in Nigeria and has an impressive simultaneous development cutting across all parts of the state.

Apart from Owerri the capital, others cities in Imo state includes, Orlu, Mgbidi, Okigwe, Ahiara.

Oyo State

Oyo state which is one of the oldest states in Nigeria is rated among the most developed Nigerian states.

Oyo is has one of the biggest and ancient cities in Nigeria, Ibadan as it’s capital.

The state has so many academic institutions and semi urban cities such as Ogbomosho, Igboho, Ada-Awaye etc.

It is one of the boarder states in Nigeria and is known for economic and agricultural activities.

It is also among the highly populated states in Nigeria. Oyo state is no doubt in the league of most developed states in Nigeria.


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