Most Feared & Revered Masquerade in Igbo Land

Most Respected Masquerade in Igbo Land

In this article, we will be discussing the biggest, most feared and respected masquerade in Igbo land.

Most feared masquerades in Igbo land

Masquerades are part and parcel of Igbo culture.

Their importance cannot be overemphasized within the tribe.

Masquerades are very important in Igbo Land because they perform numerous functions and duties.

Different parts of Igbo land has different Masquerades that are very peculiar to them.

However, in general,masquerades differs ranging from dancing Masquerades, law enforcement Masquerades and elderly Masquerades.

Nevertheless, all these Masquerades entertain and enrich our culture and traditions.

Masquerades sometimes can be used to enforce laws and order as well as in settlement of disputes in Igbo land.

Having taken a survey of some biggest and most feared cum respected masquerade across Igbo land, we have decided to come up with the masquerade that comes up as the most revered and biggest in Igbo land.

This is base on our opinion, views and findings. Some of our audience is bound to have different views of masquerades in Igbo land that are the most feared or respected in Igbo land currently.

We also welcome such views and opinions as it will help grow and expand this article.

So this post is set unveil the most respected, noble and feared masquerade in Igbo land currently.

Which Masquerades Is The Most Feared & Respected in Igbo land

Below is the almighty masquerade, that is highly revered and placed in Igbo land currently.

Ajofia Nnewi

Ajofia Nnewi, A renowned masquerade that operates from the commercial ancient town of Nnewi in Anambra states is regarded currently as the most feared and respected masquerade in Igbo land.

The name “Ajofia” mean evil forest. The Ajofia of Nnewi masquerade is over 10ft tall with numerous live and dead animals crawling all over the masquerade.

The highly revered and respected masquerade in Anambra State also has smoke reeling out from its head.

Ajofia Nnewi masquerade usually accompanied by over 50 men do not perform in presence of women.

From our findings, it cost around half a million to have the masquerade perform in a private functions.

The likes of Senator Patrick Ubah, Cletus Madubugwu (Ibeto), Sen. Victor Umeh always register their honor and respect whenever they ran into the Anambra biggest masquerade.

Ajofia Nnewi masquerade has a popular songs which has been recorded and played by host of other Masquerades and Igbo traditional music groups.

The masquerade always held traditional symbol called “anunu ebe” which is known to have supernatural powers.

There is no doubt that Ajofia Nnewi is the Igbo land most respected and feared masquerades.


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