Top 10 Most Visited Nigerian Websites (2024)

Nigerian Most Visited Websites

In this post, we will be listing most visited websites in Nigeria and by Nigerians.

Top websites in Nigeria

These are websites not entirely owned by Nigerians and also targets Nigerian audience and internet users.

Nigeria’s internet usage is considered the largest in Africa. Many might wondering which websites does Nigerians visit the most.

The country has numerous websites and domains that provides specific information and services.

Most of the Nigerian’s most visited websites in this list are Nigerian owned websites. However the top of the list are foreign websites.

We embarked on media studies to ascertain most used websites by Nigerians and our findings was quite revealing.

After studying the rating done by Alexa analytics, we further embarked on survey across major Nigerian cities in a bid to find the most visited websites in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be revealing our findings onĀ  websites in Nigeria with biggest traffics in.

Top Visited Websites in Nigeria

Below is the list of top and most visited websites in Nigeria currently. These are websites with highest web visits in Nigeria.

The world biggest search engine, Google is without a doubt the most visited website in Nigeria.

The search engine is widely used in Nigeria for different purposes and by different categories of people ranging from students, travelers, researchers etc.

Each day, the website in Nigeria sees millions of visits from Nigerian users.

This leaves Google with being rated Nigeria’s most visited website.

The biggest sports betting company in Nigeria, bet9ja is also at the top of the list of most visited websites in Nigeria.

The sports betting company is regarded as the most popular and biggest sports betting company in Nigeria.

Over 94% of Bet9ja traffic is through direct visit. This upholds the views of many about the growth of sports betting in Nigeria.

Daily, bet9ja website welcomes millions of users both returning users and new users.

It is without a doubt the second top most visited website in Nigeria.

Another sports betting company ranking high in the roll call of top websites in Nigeria is Betking.

The sports betting company is regarded as second biggest sport betting company in Nigeria behind bet9ja.

It’s websites witnesses million of visitors daily. Weekend days is usually the day of highest traffic rate.

Nairaland is the biggest online forum in Nigeria.

The forum which was lunched in 2005 is currently in top 5 most visited websites in Nigeria.

Millions of Nigerians internet users rely on this website for their news and information needs as well as for their “how to do” tips.

It is a high traffic generating website in Nigeria.

The most visited news website in Nigeria is saharareporters.

The website is regarded as the top online newspaper in Nigeria with the fastest breaking news and government leaks.

It as well one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.

Jumia which is regarded as Nigeria’s biggest and best e-commerce website is among sites with highest traffic in Nigeria.

The website which is solely for online purchases is visited by thousands of Nigeria everyday.

Another news website in Nigeria that is highly visited with high traffic is vanguard newspapers online platform.

The news website is highly visited by Nigerians for breaking news and official informations. is one of the biggest websites in Nigeria.

The website is a multi-niche website providing users with breaking news, information, entertainment as well as music and video downloads.

It is highly visited by Nigerians.

Dailypost is another top visited news website in Nigeria.

The online news source is used by millions of Nigerians for their breaking news and happening events around Nigeria.

It made the list of top websites with highest users in Nigeria.

Also on the list of most visited websites in Nigeria is another e-commerce website, Jiji.

Jiji is one of the most used Nigerian websites in Nigeria.

The e-commerce website is one of the most reliable e-commerce sites in Nigeria.

This perhaps aided in its high traffics and usage.


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