NAFDAC Registration: How To Get NAFDAC Number (2024)

How To Register Products With NAFDAC

National Agency For Food Drugs Administration And Control popularly known and referred to as NAFDAC is Nigeria government agency responsible for regulating the importation, manufacture, exportation, distribution, sale, and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals, and packaged water in Nigeria.

How to get NAFDAC Number

It is law in Nigeria that every packaged edible or pharmaceutical products must pass through NAFDAC approval and obtain NAFDAC Number before sale of such products to general public.

This law also applies to imported products into Nigeria.

So, this is why getting NAFDAC registration number is a big deal in Nigeria. It is a permit for sale of packaged edible and pharmaceuticals products in Nigeria.

Now, most people abandon or get discouraged into importation or production of edible or pharmaceutical products because of their perceived stress of getting NAFDAC approval and NAFDAC registration number for their products.

Hence many people are yearning for answers to questions like how easy or difficult is it to get NAFDAC Number in Nigeria.

It is important to register your products and get NAFDAC number because it helps protect your products from those who intend to adulterate or blackmail the products.

All these and many more is what this article sets out to explain and provide a guide for obtaining of NAFDAC Registration numbers.

NAFDAC Product Registration: How To Get NAFDAC Number

Registration and obtaining of NAFDAC number required some certain steps amd procedures.

Companies that wants to apply for NAFDAC registration number must have to be registered with Coporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Also, the steps and NAFDAC registration requirements differs from products to company status.

There are requirements for NAFDAC registration of drugs and pharmaceuticals and another for registration of Foods And edible.

Also, the process of registering products varies from company status, such as local companies and foreign companies (local products and foreign products).

NAFDAC Registration Tips

There are certain tips that producers or merchants of edible and pharmaceuticals products needs to be aware of about registering with NAFDAC.

The procedure for registering local products is different from registration of foreign products with NAFDAC.

Also, NAFDAC registration number is for single product and not for company general products.

In otherwords, company that produces multiple edible or pharmaceutical must register each product independently and obtain NAFDAC Number for each of the product.

Steps for NAFDAC Product Registration

Below are the steps for processing and obtaining NAFDAC registration number and approval in Nigeria.

Obtain NAFDAC Registration Forms

This is the first step towards getting NAFDAC Number and registration of products.

NAFDAC registration forms can be obtain from any NAFDAC office throughout the Federation.

So visit NAFDAC office closer to you and inform officials of your intentions.

Forward Application & Products Registration Forms TO NAFDAC

Having Obtained the form and having filled it correctly, the forms should be sent back to NAFDAC alongside applications letter stating intention to register product or products.

The application Letter for the NAFDAC registration should contain both type of product and location of company.

This will aid NAFDAC officials during inspection.

The application should be addressed to Director in charge of the NAFDAC zone.

Submit Samples of Products

The next step after putting forward applications is to submit of products for analysis and laboratory checks.

This is very important stage in getting NAFDAC approval and number as substandard products or harmful products are stepped down during this stage.

If successful in this stage, then applicant can move further to complete other processes pr steps.

Payment of Stipulated Fees

There are fees required for NAFDAC registration.

These fees will be provided at NAFDAC office.

After passing sample analysis test, this is the next step in NAFDAC registration process.

Issuance & Collection of Certificate

This is the final step of NAFDAC Registration process.

Having successfully passed through other steps of NAFDAC number registration, certificate will be issued contain NAFDAC registration number of the product.

Cost of NAFDAC Registration Number in Nigeria

We will be discussing NAFDAC registration fees in this section of the article.

Getting NAFDAC Number in Nigeria comes with stipulated fees.

Some of the activities paid for include forms, inspections fees, registration fees etc.

The cost of product registration with NAFDAC is listed below.

  • Drugs – N70,000
  • Orphan Drugs – N25,000
  • Food- N50,000
  • Cosmetics – N50,000
  • Water – N50,000
  • Chemicals / pesticides – N40,000
  • Vertinary Products – N70,000
  • Medical Devices – N30,000
  • Vaccines/ Biological – N40,000

This is how much it cost to register and get NAFDAC Number for products in Nigeria.

How Long Does it take Get NAFDAC Number & Registration in Nigeria.

It takes some time to get done with NAFDAC registration in Nigeria.

How long it takes to register and obtain NAFDAC Number varies between drugs and other products.

It takes 90 days (3 months) to process NAFDAC registration for food and edible products.

So it takes 90 days to get NAFDAC Number for food products.

It takes 120 days (4 months) to complete NAFDAC registration of drugs.

This is how long it takes to get NAFDAC Number for drugs in Nigeria.

How To Register Drugs with NAFDAC

NAFDAC Drugs registration is different from NAFDAC food registration.

In this section of the post will reflect on how to register drugs and get NAFDAC number.

Some of the requirements for drug registration with NAFDAC are listed below.

  • Certificate of incorporation issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • Submit three samples of your product for quality analysis and inspection
  • A signed and endorsed certificate of pharmaceutical product
  • Original copy of Power of Attorney from the product manufacturer (if imported)
  • The application letter for registration of the product
  • Letter of invitation from manufacturer to inspect factory abroad with full names and site of the plant
  • Completed NAFDAC application form

How To Register Food Products With NAFDAC

These are some requirements and steps for registering and obtaining NAFDAC number for food and edible products in Nigeria.

  • Certificate of Incorporation obtained from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • Certificate of inspection/recognition issued by NAFDAC
  • Trademark approval for your brand name by Federal Ministry of Commerce (where applicable)
  • Comprehensive Certificate of analysis of the batch of the product for registration from the manufacturer stating the name and signature of the analyst
  • Application form forwarded to the Director stating the name of the manufacturer, brand name, and product(s)


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Igwenagu Emmanuel is the founder of Nigerian Informer. He holds B.A, M.Sc in Mass Communication. He is a Communication researcher and 112 emergency help line dispatcher.


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  1. Hi, please i wish to Registration a few cleaning imported detergent with NAFDAC but do not know how to go about the registration, please i will need your help,

    1. Visit NAFDAC zonal office in your geo political zone or visit NAFDAC headquarters in Abuja. There you can register your products.

  2. hi Emmanuel, is it necessary to register my chapman locally produced and served at parties and i intend to sell in bottles too at stores? thank you

  3. I am processing a nafdac number for my products but I am had ng issue with the person issuing my number. I am in kano

  4. Any one tell me procedure and fees
    I want Export Hamaliyan Salt from Pakistan in Nigeria. How to get Regulation.

    1. Visit any NAFDAC zonal office near you. But be assured you will carryout some the requirements listed above

      1. Hi how much to get number for sun oil exportation?

  5. Hello,can I sell my food product in the public market with only CAC registration in ogun state?
    Pls I need ur reply,cuz am confused and really want to know.

    1. If it’s a local food products, it okay to go ahead, but if if is packaged food products, then you need to get NAFDAC Number and approval.

  6. Please is it really a cumbersome process and requirement to register my chinchin business

    1. No not at all just approach any NAFDAC office

      1. Pls is cumbersome to register laundry bar soap

        1. I do not think laundry soap requires Such registration, however do please confirm from closest regional office of NAFDAC close to you

      2. Please I want to register my cosmetics how much and how do I obtain form

        1. For proper guidance visit any NAFDAC office within your geo political zone

  7. Please do I need nafdac number for dish washing liquid. Locally made and packaged to sell to public?

      1. Please do I need to register liquid soap locally made for predicure

        Is it necessary to also register Nail dislover

  8. Good evening I do Agricultural product like beans flour ogi powder plantain flour and Onion powder ginger powder kulikuli kilishi and many Agricultural produce do I need nafdac reg number how much will it cost me if needed

    1. Do not think so, but if you must package it for national sales or international,you will need NAFDAC approval

      1. Thanks helpful

  9. Good morning Emmanuel, please my cousine was not aware about Nafdac registration on Cosmetics Nafdac came to pack her goods and I was told to pay a fine amount of 200, 000 …so fine amount is 200k ? For just cosmetics in this country that things are hard and she was not even Notify about it….she does not have that kind of money o .its way to expensive …and also I think you guys should speak more about it cause so many persons re not aware too

    1. So sorry About her ordeal but ignorance of the law isn’t an excuse. She ought to have known. She can try visiting their office and seek for best solution for amicable resolution

  10. Good evening.I am into sell/ supply of honey. I want to find out if I need NAFDAC reg number for me to be able to supply to o pharmacies and super stores. Thanks

    1. If you intend to package with labels,you will need NAFDAC approval

  11. Can I get ur contact

  12. Hi Emmanuel. Please I will like to open a bakery near my bustop and I will like to know if I needed a nafdac. If yes please what is the procedure thanks in advance

    1. If you plan on packaging your bakery products,then you need NAFDAC approval. Visits the nearest Office within your locality and fine-tune your NAFDAC registration

  13. I have someone who want to be selling local herbs. The herbs are prepared by a nafdac registered business. It will be supplied to my person in bulk to be packaged and labelled with her own brand. Since the company producing the products is registered with nafdac and agrees to the labelling in another name, is there any need for nafdac registration.

    1. Yes NAFDAC number is for particular products approval and not company approval

  14. Good afternoon Sir, please do I need nafdac approval for my package locally made laundry bar soap before I sell them to to the public.

    1. If you intend to sell to malls and top one stop shop and major markets, you will definitely need NAFDAC approval. But if you want to sell Just remote,you can carry on

  15. Please can one use e-nafdac registration approval for packing of liquid soap liquid soap, please is e-nafdac registration legit

    1. Do please comfirm from any NAFDAC state office

  16. Please does opening a restaurant needs nafdac.

  17. Please I want to know if I need nafdac number for bar soap and liquid soap

    1. If to be packaged and sold across malls yes you do need it

  18. Hello I also want to know if i need NAFDAC number to sell ice cream and ice candy.

    1. If it’s gonna be packaged and sold in malls then yes

  19. Hi Emmanuel,

    Can you guide for consultant for the registration and other documentation part.

    What could be expected total fee for certification including all NAFDAC complainces.

    1. Best when you visit their office

  20. Hello Emmannuel, i do not understand well the cost for registration for food and drinks( energy), how is it?

    1. Visit the nearest NAFDAC office within your base

  21. Hi, please how much will it cost me to get NAFDAC number for ice cream production?

    1. Nothing much provided you meet all needed requirements

  22. Please I want to ask can I get nafdac number for zobo drinks

    1. If you want it package and sold in super markets and malls, yes

  23. Akinmodiro olukoya victor

    Hello pls how much will it cost to register for beans flour.

    1. Visit nearest NAFDAC office to you

  24. Please Mr Immanuel,am i need to have NAFDAC NUMBER,for selling casava powder with packaging and marketing it in my area.

    1. Visit NAFDAC office in your state

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