Natural / Mineral Resources Found in Northern Nigeria (2024)

Natural Resources in Hausa-Fulani Land

Mineral and Natural resources in Northern Nigeria or in Hausa Land is an information of high significance.

Mineral Resources in Northern Nigeria

This is as agitation for resource control and separists movement continues to grow.

There is no part of Nigeria without its own natural and mineral resources.

Facts has shown that no part of Nigeria is barren when it comes to natural resources.

Every ethnic groups in Nigeria is blessed with mineral and natural resources.

Some of these resources are yet to be tapped or explored in commercial quantity.

Natural resources in Hausa land is very enormous.

First and foremost, it an open secret that the North has the most fertile land in Nigeria.

Hence, the region is the food bedrock of Nigeria.

Apart from agricultural produce, there exists other host of mineral resources that are found in Hausa-Fulani Land / Northern Nigeria.

The north is the only region in Nigeria that is self sufficient interms of food production.

Some persons have argued that the land of North in Nigeria is barren.

This is an information that is false as there some high selling mineral resources in Northern Nigeria.

In this article, we will be discussing mineral and natural resources that exists in Hausa-Fulani Land.

The mineral resources discussed here are among the major natural & mineral resources in Hausa land (Northern Nigeria).

List of Mineral Resources in Northern Nigeria 

To be talked about and dissected in this post is list of all natural and mineral resources in Hausa land.

This post will be an eye opener and counter some false claims that northern Nigeria do not have mineral and natural resources.

Below is the roll call of high selling mineral resources in Northern Nigeria.


Gold is among solid minerals that northern Nigeria have.

It is also a high selling commodity in international market.

States like Zamfara, Katsina and Kano are some northern states in Nigeria where gold are found.

Gold in Northern Nigeria is yet to receive commercial attention especially from government.

Some have attributed this to government over reliance on oil revenues.

Most of Gold deposits in northern Nigeria states are still being minned by locals and using crude means.

Gold is one of the major resources found in Hausa-Fulani Land and in northern Nigeria.

Crude Oil

Most people continue to ask, “is there oil in northern Nigeria”.

From information made available by Nigeria’s oil company, NNPC, crude deposits and hydrocarbons have been discovered in some basin in northern Nigeria.

With the development, crude oil is among mineral resources found in Northern Nigeria.

Some, always look out for oil producing states in northern Nigeria.

Coming up with states that have crude oil in northern Nigeria is not easy as crude exploration is yet to kick off in commercial quantity.

However the following states in North have been identified as states with crude oil and hydrocarbons in Northern Nigeria: Benue, Kogi, Sokoto, Borno and Niger state.

However, despite the claims by NNPC, there is no known commercial exploration of crude oil in the region.

Iron Ore

Iron Ore is another natural resources in Northern Nigeria.

Iron Ore exists in some northern states in Nigeria.

It natural resources in Hausa land in Nigeria. Northern states with Iron Ore in Nigeria are Kaduna, Niger, Bauchi and Zamfara.


Zinc is also another natural resources that exists in northern Nigeria.

States in North that have Zinc are: Taraba, Kano, Niger, Abuja and Plateau state.


This another very important natural resources found in Northern Nigeria.

Limestone are very essential in Cement production. States in North that have limestone are, Benue, Kogi and Sokoto.

End Note on Natural/ Mineral Resources in Hausa-Fulani Land

From above information, its obvious that the northern Nigeria has enormous natural resources.

Hence the region can be self reliance and self sufficient. Also, it is the headquarters of agricultural produce in West Africa.

However, it is pertinent to point out that while we interchangeably use Northern Nigeria or Hausa-Fulani Land, not all states in Northern Nigeria is Hausa-Fulani Land.

There are states in northern Nigeria that are of different ethnic nationalities and groups other than Hausa-Fulani ethnic groups.

Some of those states are Benue, Kogi, Plateau etc.


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