Natural/Mineral Resources Found in Igbo land

Natural & Mineral Resources in Southeast Nigeria

This article will focus on natural and mineral resources in Igbo land.

Mineral resources in Igbo land

It is important to note that Igbo Land transcends the southeastern part of Nigeria.

Igbos are also found in Delta and Rivers state. So by extention, some of the mineral resources in these can be said to be a mineral resources in Igbo land.

Igbo states in Nigeria are basically Abia, Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Delta *, Rivers* state.

The natural and mineral resources found in these Igbo states are very many and form part of Nigeria’s foreign exchange.

The importance of natural and mineral resources for third world country like Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.

This is because they form the major source of their income and foreign exchange.

Nigeria is yet to explore its human potential and resources to maximum.

This has left the country lacking behind in exploit of technology as their source of income and foreign exchange.

Rather the country has continue to spend million of dollars seeking and searching for natural resources in its different states.

Today, the major source of Nigeria foreign exchange is crude oil found in some of its states.

However, Nigeria must act fast and diversify as the world is making plans to move on from energy from crude.

Nevertheless in the meantime, it is high selling and one of the most sought after commodities in international market.

What are the major mineral and natural resources found in Igbo states in Nigeria.

This will form the base of our discussion in this post.

List of Mineral Resources in Igbo Land

There are numerous mineral and natural resources that are gotten in Igbo land or from Igbo states in Nigeria.

The major reason why states in Nigeria are conscious of resources gotten or found in their respective states is because of eventual resource control or implementation of true federalism in Nigeria.

Also, there is a 13 percent derivation policy which makes states receive 13 percent of money gotten from resources tapped from the states.

So, all these says a lot why states can stop at nothing in trying to discover mineral resources in their states.

Let’s take you through the list of natural resources in Igbo land. Below is the mineral resources found in Igbo states in Nigeria.

Crude Oil

Crude oil is one of the major mineral resources in Igbo land. Igbo states where Crude oil are found in Nigeria includes Imo, Abia and Anambra state.

Also Crude oil are found in Delta and Rivers state. But these two states are not full Igbo states, it is a mixed states with numerous tribes.

There have been a lot misconception about crude oil in Igbo land. The fact is that Igbo states like Abia, Imo state has crude reserves and oil wells.

Hence these states are part of Niger Delta states. Crude reserve and oil wells in Anambra state is yet to get approval for full exploration.

This answers the question of is there crude oil in Igbo land.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is another mineral resources in Igbo land. Igbo states that has natural gas are Anambra, Rivers, Abia, Delta states.

It was noted by officials of Anambra State government that the state has the largest natural gas reserve in Nigeria.


Enugu is the only Igbo state that has coal. This is part of natural resources that can be found in Igbo land or Igbo states.


This is another natural resources found in Igbo land. In Nigeria, granite is popularly called chippings and gravel.

Igbo states where granites are found are Ebonyi and Enugu state.


Which Igbo states has Gold in Nigeria. This is a very reoccurring question constantly asked by many. States where gold are found in Igbo land is just one. It is Abia state.


Salt is another natural resources that exists in Igbo land. Igbo states where salt are found is Ebonyi and Abia state.

Iron Ore

Iron Ore which is found heavily in Ebonyi state is one of natural resources that can be found in Igbo Land.


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