New Age Bluetooth Earbuds Prices in Nigeria (2024)

This post is a review of the cost of New Age Earbuds in Nigeria.

This article is geared towards finding how much the price of New Age bluetooth earbuds costs in Nigeria.

New Age wireless earbuds is porpular in Nigeria since the company rolled out its different types of wireless earbuds.

Many customers have been asking about the price and cost of New Age wireless earbuds and how good the New Age earbuds are especially compared to their major competitor in Nigeria, Oraimo.

Currently, technological advancements has seen a massive drift from wired earphones to wireless earbuds.

Many Nigerians especially the younger generation has massively opted for wireless listening device of which New Age earbuds is one of their major picks.

New Age is the indigenous phone and smart accessories makers in Nigeria that is renowned for manufacture and production of quality phone accessories such as charges, cables and Wireless speakers.

Recently, the company has added wireless earbuds to its hot and fast selling smart products.

New Age wireless bluetooth earbuds is of six (6) different types. These New Age bluetooth earbuds are sold different prices in Nigeria markets.

In this write up, we will be discussing the price of New Age wireless earbuds in Nigeria.

Also, we will compare New Age earbuds Vs Oraimo earbuds to ascertain between Oraimo and New Age bluetooth earbuds which one is better.

Cost of New Age Bluetooth Earbuds

Here is the retail prices of the newly launched New Age earbuds in Nigeria.

There are many types of New Age earbuds and each cost according to its quality and specifications.

Below is how much New Age bluetooth earbuds are sold.

New Age Jazzy Active Noise Cancellation Earbud Price – N14500

This is the most top quality New Age bluetooth earbuds.

The earbud comes with noise cancellation features which keeps noise and interference out. It is very clear on calls and has long lasting batteries too.

The earbud is named after Nigeria’s legendary music producer,Don Jazzy.

The current price of this top New Age earbud is between N14,000 to N15,000 for retail prices.

New Age Iron Man Earbud Price- N13500

Another New Age quality earbud is the Iron Man Earbud.

It comes in iron man like case and also has active noise cancellation feature.

The retail price for New Age Iron Man Earbud is between N13,000 to N14000. It is one of the best New Age bluetooth earbuds.

New Age Beat King ANC Earbud Price – N12500

This is another top quality New Age bluetooth earbuds.

The Beat King earbud comes with active noise cancellation and massive beats and sound production.

Its battery capacity is very commendable and can produce 8hrs talking time on the play.

New Age Beat King wireless bluetooth is sold between N12,000 to N13,000 across retail shops in Nigeria.

New Age Bolt Earbuds Price – N10500

The bolt earbuds is one of the New Age long lasting earbuds.

The New Age bolt earbud comes with heptagon case and unique design.

This New Age wireless earphone is sold for am average price of between N10,000 to N11000.

It is a very good and cheap New Age bluetooth earphone to buy in Nigeria.

New Age Iron Man Mini Earbud Price – N8000

One of the New Age cheapest bluetooth earbuds is the Iron Man Mini New Age earbuds.

The earbud is produced in the mold of airpod 3. It’s retail price starts from N7500 to N9000.

The battery is as well long lasting and its sound beat too is cool.

New Age IBeat Earbud Price -N7000

New Age I-Beat earbud is equally one of the cheapest New Age bluetooth earbuds.

The digital monitor earbud is renowned for its sound quality and longs lasting batteries.

The retail price of this New Age earbud is N7000 across major retail stores in Nigeria.

How Good is New Age Bluetooth Earbuds?

The recently rolled out earbuds from top Nigeria smart accessories makers, New Age is sound sensation.

We had a feel of the New Age earbuds and we can tell they are of top quality, both in sound and batteries.

Also, the company acted on porpular PR mantra of “Think Globally, Act Locally” by producing earbuds of different prices and for different customer.

From the Jazzy buds to the I-Beat, all New Age bluetooth earbuds offer customers a good value for money.

Just go for which of them you can afford and you will have a feel of wireless audio experience.

If you seek for earbuds that is long lasting and very heavy bass sound, then New Age have got you covered.

Oraimo Earbuds Vs New Age Earbuds: Which is Better?

We conducted a comparative analysis of Oraimo earbuds and New Age earbuds to find which is better bluetooth earbud between Oraimo and New Age.

We took out the New Age Jazzy ANC earbud and Oraimo FreePod 3.

In terms of battery capacity, both the Oraimo and New Age earbuds is on same page, giving an average 8hrs constant music play time.

We also looked at the sound quality between New Age and Oraimo earbud, nothing much separates the both products as they both produces super bass and sound quality.

Morestill, the both earbud of Oraimo and New Age in terms of shape is close look alike with an oval shape which fits perfectly into most airpod protective case.

So, if you are looking at picking any of either Oraimo or New Age earbuds, just go for your discretion and you will be getting yourself a monster beats earbud irrespective of your pick.


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