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Project Writing In Mass Communication

Part of requirements for award of degree in Mass Communication is that a student will have to produce a dissertation.

projects topics in mass communication

Dissertation or Research Project as it is mostly called in Nigeria higher institutions is a research work carried out by a student within his/her field of study aimed at solving a problem.

In other words, every dissertation is expected to solve a problem. Every student of Mass Communication ranging from ND, HND, BSc, MSc and PhD is expected to carry out a communication research before he or she will be awarded the degree.

Often, depending on the school or degree programme involved, this researcher work is called Research Project, Dissertation or Thesis.

It is usually the final step towards acquisition of a degree. More still, research project as part of requirements for award of degree is a very important academic exercise.

In most higher institutions of learning, it carries a very high unit of credits which is capable of catapulting a student from one class of degree to another.

Unfortunately, most Nigerian students find this part of academic exercise as being very difficult and tasking.

Hence most of the students continues to recycle a research project or engage in plagiarism.

In this blog post, new virgin mass communication project topics in Nigeria will be listed.

These mass communication projects topics can fetch students “A” grade in Nigeria if done very well and meticulously.

 New Mass Communication Project Topics

Most students of Mass Communication find it difficult to come up with a fresh or new project topics which should fetch them the desired grade.

Most times, these students are left at the mercy of scammers who cash in on their academic deficiencies.

It is against this back drop that Nigerian Informer has decided to periodically come up with fresh and veritable Mass Communication research project topics for communication students.

Fresh Project Topics in Mass Communication

These are topics that if done very well should get the student an outright “A” grade.

The essence of this write up is not to short change process which requires the student to write a research work, rather it is to serve as a guide for the students.

Writing an original research work is exciting for both the students and their teachers. It in most cases leads to a student being well graded.

In Mass Communication, one can carry out a research work using Survey research method, Content Analysis or Focus Group Discussion (FGD).

A research work might require triangulation i.e using of these three methodologies to unravel a problem.

Most Mass Communication students tilt more towards use of survey research method, for obvious reasons.

It is easy for dubious and lazy students to manipulate a survey research work. At same time, these students find it difficult during the project defense to appropriately defend what he or she has written.

Content analytical methods which deals with analyzing the manifest contents of communication is mostly avoided by communication students because of false notion that it is difficult and cumbersome.

However, it is easy to defense a research work written with content analysis methodology. So, I always advise Mass Communication students and other social science students to always embrace content analytical method of carrying out a research.

Mass Communication students shouldn’t find it difficult coming up with fresh and good project topics as their field of study dwells on everyday events and happenings.

Also, a research project done in late or past years can be replicated in the current times as a fresh topic.

This is very much acceptable in communication discipline. Mass Communication students are always advised to replicate studies to ascertain the similarities and different which might be brought about by Change of time and locations.

Results of a research work carried out in the northern Nigeria is likely to either dispel or agree with the same research if replicated in the southern Nigeria.

In same way, results of a research work done in past five (5) years might be different if the same research is replicated.

This are some reasons why is always good to replicate a research works instead of copying a work or committing plagiarism.

Every now and then, event unfolds both in Nigeria and beyond, there are different crises and governmental policies. These happenings present opportunities for communication students to research on them.

New Mass Communication Project Topics

Below are mass communication projects topics that are very fresh and can attracts “A” grades to students of mass communication carrying out research in project writing.

Newsstand Readers Patterns Of Exposure To Newspaper And Content Preference

Focus Group Discussion and Personal Interviews techniques should be used to execute this survey research. Some of the objectives of this study should be:

  • To find the demographic characteristics of newsstand readers.
  • To find if there is a relationship between free reading and purchase.
  • To find the content preference of the newsstand readers.
Newspaper Framing Of World No Tobacco Day & Smoker Journalists’ Attitude Towards Coverage Of The Event

This study should seek to find out how world no tobacco day is framed in the select newspapers. To tackle this research, the students will be expected to choose at least three (3) national daily newspapers.

It is also important the student cover a period of at least 3 editions of the event. In other words, the study should cover world no tobacco day for 3 different years. Some of the objectives should be:

  • To find smoker journalists attitude towards coverage of the event.
  • To determine prominence given to the reports on world no tobacco day.
  • To find smoker journalists perception of the campaign.

Other New  & Fresh Project Topics In Mass Communication

  • Evaluating The Ethical Content Of News Photographs In Mainstream And Social Media
  • Analysis Of Newspaper Coverage Of Gender-Based Violence In IDP Camps
  • Newspaper Coverage Of Pro-Biafran Protest In Nigeria
  • Newspaper Coverage And Framing Of International Day Of Girl Child In Nigeria
  • Audience Perception Of Newspaper Coverage Of Xenophobic Attack In South Africa
  • Social And Mainstream Media Representation Of Photographs Of The 2019 Xenophobic Attack Of Nigerians In South Africa
  • Newspaper Coverage Of HIV/AIDS And Stigma: An Analysis Of Two Select Dailies
  • Newspaper Coverage Of World Tuberculosis Day In Nigeria (2017 —2019)
  • Newspaper Coverage And Framing Of Boko Haram Terrorism In Nigeria. A Study Of 3 Select Dailies
  • Subscriber’s Perception Of Unsolicited Short Message Service (SMS) From GSM Providers: A Study Of South Eastern State
  • Media Employers’ Perception Of IT Students’ Performances: A Study Of Selected Organizations
  • Audience Perception Of Newspaper Coverage Of Xenophobic Attack In South Africa
  • Influence Of Uses & Gratification On Television News Recall Among Non-Teaching Staff Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University
  • Newspaper Coverage Of Ethno-Religious Crisis In Nigeria: A Study Of Shiites Muslims and FG Faceoff

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