NIPR Registration Requirements & Fees in Nigeria (2024)

How To Join NIPR in Nigeria

NIPR which stand for Nigeria Institute of Public Relations is one of the best professional bodies to join as media and communication student or graduate. Be ready to find how much it cost to register as member of NIPR in Nigeria in this article.

How to join NIPR

NIPR regulates the practice of public relations in Nigeria. It is important and rewarding to join NIPR and this is how to become a member.

It is also a professional body that is open to media practitioners and public relations officers.

Being a member or joining Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) adds credibility to media and public relations practitioners.

Apart from how to join Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) which will form the major discourse in this post, the article will also provide NIPR registration requirements and fees.

In Nigeria, just like most countries of the world, image making is becoming very important and dynamic.

This days, not only companies and organizations hire PR experts but even individuals and politicians.

To keep this noble profession high flying and to get it rid of charlatans, Nigeria Institute of Public Relations was established.

This professional body not only promotes and unites members of the profession in Nigeria but they also ensure ethics and adherence to code of conduct.

It is a good certification for graduates of communication studies and mass communication.

This is why it is advised that students and professionals register and join NIPR in Nigeria.

So, this article will enumerate the cost of registering with NIPR and steps for joining Nigeria Institute of Public Relations.

What is NIPR

NIPR is an acronym which stands for Nigeria Institute of Public Relations.

It the most recognized professional body for practising public relations professionals in Nigeria.

It the most common professional body among public relations professionals, media and communications professionals and its students.

Public relations is not just the best professional body for graduates of mass communication in Nigeria.

It is also open to graduates of other discipline who have interest in image making and management.

No doubt, membership of NIPR gives one an edge in PR roles and interviews.

Below is How to register and how much to pay for joining NIPR. How can I JOIN NIPR? find out below in the next segment of the post.

How Much is NIPR Registration Fee

Nigeria Institute of Public Relations registration and membership comes with a stipulated flat application fee of N10,000 irrespective of type of NIPR membership being registered or applied for.

This is registration application fee for joining Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR).

However, it is important to note that annually members pay subscription fee or you can say membership renewal fees depending on the type of membership they hold.

Types of NIPR Membership

There five (5) categories of NIPR membership. These NIPR membership types comes with different requirements and certification.

Also, NIPR membership renewal fee is dependent on the type of membership held in the organization.

Below are different types of NIPR memberships and their subscription fee.

Fellow (FNIPR)

This is the highest ranking membership Cadre in Nigeria Institute of Public Relations.

Procedure for award of Fellowship is constantly reviewed to project the highest professional standards and ethics.

Subscription fee for Fellow is N25,000 per annum.

NIPR members with this type of membership can add “FNIPR” title to their names.

Honorary Fellow (FNIPR)

This type of membership is given by council of NIPR to individuals, heads of organizations, groups, political parties, Religious denomination for their efforts and activities towards promoting and strengthening the practice of Public Relations in Nigeria.

So this type of membership is given based on honor and not academic qualifications or practice.

Subscription fee for this type of membership is N25,000 per annum.

Members with this type of membership status can add title “FNIPR” to their names.

Member (MNIPR)

To get membership status of member of NIPR, individuals must have been in practice of Public Relations for atleast five years.

They are adjudged to be eligible by qualifications and experience.

Renewal fee for status of member in NIPR is N15,000 per annum.

Professional with member status at NIPR can add “MNIPR” title to their names.

Associate (ANIPR)

To qualify as an associate member of NIPR, professional must have practiced for atleast 2 years.

They must be adjudged to be eligible by qualifications and experience.

Renewal fee for status of associate in NIPR is N10,000 per annum.

Members of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations with associate status can add title “ANIPR” to their names.

Graduate (GNIPR)

To join NIPR as graduate member, individuals must have one or more approved qualifications or certification but without practical experience.

The subscription fee graduate membership status of NIPR is N5000 per annum.

Holder of this membership status can add “GNIPR” title to their names.


NIPR student membership is open to all those who at the time of application are studying for an NIPR qualification or any of the approved qualifications.

It is important to note that student membership may not last more than 3 years.

Subscription fee for students membership of NIPR is N2000 per annum.

How To Register / Apply for NIPR Membership

There are certain laid down procedures and processes for joining and becoming a certified member of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations.

Some of the ways of applying and joining NIPR are discussed below.

Steps for Applying to Join NIPR

These are steps for joining Nigeria Institute of Public Relations in Nigeria.

  • Write an application Letter in Capital Letters Requesting to Join NIPR membership.
  • Applicants should sign the declaration and affirm to Decree 16 of 1990, Bye-Law No. l: Code of Professional Practice, the Professional Standards Guide and other regulations.
  • Letter of application should go through the state chapter where the applicant is based.
  • The application must be signed my two financial upto date member of NIPR.
  • Application to join NIPR must be accompanied with N10,000 applications fee.
  • The application forms will have to be submitted with copies of credentials and 2 passport photographs.
  • Upon submission of application at NIPR office, an acknowledgement letter is written on receipt of membership application form, pending approval of application.


The Author

Emmanuel Igwenagu

Igwenagu Emmanuel is the founder of Nigerian Informer. He holds B.A, M.Sc in Mass Communication. He is a Communication researcher and 112 emergency help line dispatcher.


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  1. Sulaiman Mustapha

    Please how much is the NIPR APPLICATION FORMCOS LAST YEAR IT WAS 70,000 OR 870000

  2. Sir, I am a Pharmacist with Master degree in public administration. I’m presently working with University of Lagos Medical center. I have interest in joining the organization. Kindly put me through.


    1. Visit NIPR Lagos office or NUJ Lagos office and you will will be briefed

  3. I’m a newly graduated student of HND in mass Communication Hoping to go for service this year, can I join the NIPR?

    1. Yes you can join NIPR before NYSC

  4. Good morning sir, I have written and passed the NIPR certificate and diploma respectively, duly certificated. I am supposed to be inducted, but didn’t.
    What next do I have to do to become a full member?

    1. Register for annual induction and you will be fully certified

  5. I’m an undergraduate of mass Communication and I want to join the association. How do I go about the registration? Secondly, I school in Edo state and I live in Lagos. Can I write the exams from any center? Probably when I’m in Edo I write the exams in school and then when I’m in Lagos for the second phase of the exams I also write it in Lagos.

    1. You can register in any state in Nigeria. It’s same requirement all over

  6. I’m graduate of computer science but I’m into journalism for more than a decade and presently with a T.V station as reporter and news caster as well , kindly let me know if I’m qualified for an associate membership.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes but you will sit for NIPR exams

      1. I am a graduate of theatre arts and I want to be a member,how long will it take for me to get certified?

        1. Within one year if you meet the necessary requirements for NIPR membership

  7. Sir, when is the induction for 2022 coming up and how much is the induction fee?

  8. I have NCE English education, I teach English language presently in a public school, but I want to make a carrier in public relations, please how do I become a professional PR practitioner

    1. Visit nipr office in your state and enrol for some pr programmes

  9. I studied Electrical Electronics and i want to be a member of NIPR because have been handling a lot of Media roles and activities basically. Can I join? And what’s are the requirements . Am asking from Abeokuta

    1. Yes but you would take some lectures

  10. Is there a physical office where I can make enquires in Lagos?
    I want to be a member of the institution

    1. Yes, visit NIPR Lagos office and join

  11. I’ve been trying to register for a professional certificate but don’t know how to go about it

  12. Good day, my name is MC Comrade I am a graduate of Political Science and I love doing MC and other public communication will the institute accept me?

  13. Oluwabunmi Mustapha

    Am a student of mass communication willing to get NIPR FORM BUT DONT KNOW HOW MUCH IT IS NOW

    1. Visit NIPR state secretariat in your state of residence

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