OAU Postgraduate School Fees (2023)

OAU School Fees for PhD, MSc & PGD

In this post, we will be discussing how much Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife popularly known as OAU pay as school fees for Postgraduate studies program such as PhD, MSc and PGD.

OAU Postgraduate School Fees

OAU is one of the best universities in Nigeria that students enrolls into for their various Postgraduate studies.

It is also one of the universities in Nigeria that operates fast calendar for Postgraduate programs. OAU is a federal government owned universities, located in Osun state, southwest geo political zone of Nigeria.

Most students who are willing to enroll for Postgraduate studies at OAU are always on inquiry in trying to find out what school fees of OAU is for MSc, PhD and PGD.

This is so as to help them plan financially for the program. It is this lingering query that this article will answer i.e how much students pay as school fees for MSc, PhD, PGD at OAU.

We hope that by end of this work, students should be able to have an idea of what school fees for MSc, PhD looks like at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

The good news is that as federal university, School Fees of OAU for Postgraduate studies is cheaper than other government and private universities in Nigeria.

In this blog post we will also be providing the study period or study duration for MSc, PhD & PGD at OAU as well.

OAU Postgraduate Acceptance Fee

OAU Postgraduate studies acceptance fee is N20,000. This fee is non refundable and is a confirmation for acceptance of offer of admission.

OAU Postgraduate School Fees

OAU Postgraduate School fees is paid according to program understudy.

The school fees for PG studies at OAU is not flat and varies from faculties. Here is OAU PG school fees for her various Postgraduate studies programs.

OAU PGD School Fees

PGD school fees at Obafemi Awolowo University is N120,000. Postgraduate Diploma school fees at OAU is a flat amount for all students irrespective of department and faculties.

Duration For OAU PGD Program

Duration For PGD at OAU is 18 calendar months. The program is expected to run for a minimum of four semesters and maximum of six semesters.

OAU MSc Program School Fees

MSc school fees at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is paid according to faculty and course. The school fees for masters at OAU is not flat across all departments and faculties.

The OAU school fee for professional MSc is different to that of Academic MSc. However, we will give you a range amount that cover the school fees for masters at OAU irrespective of course of study and type of masters.

OAU school fees for MSc is between N100,000 to N130,000 for non medical courses.

The disparity in amount depends on course of study and faculty.

OAU school fees for MSc for medical related courses is between N150,000 to N180,000.

Duration For OAU MSc Program

The duration for MSc program at OAU is slated for 18 calendar months.

The Postgraduate program is scheduled to last for 4 semesters and not more than 8 semesters.

OAU PhD Program School Fees

PhD school fees at OAU also varies depending on course of study and department.

However, for OAU PhD school fees, we will provide range amount covering all tuition fees for various courses for PhD programs at Obafemi Awolowo University.

PhD school fees at OAU is pegged between N170,000 to N250,000 depending on course of study and departments.

PhD students of Medical courses at OAU pay higher tuition fees.

Duration For OAU PhD Program

The duration for PhD at OAU is slated for 3 calendar years minimum and 5 calendar years maximum for full time students.

For part time students, the maximum duration for the program is 6 calendar years.


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