Obi Cubana Businesses & Net Worth (2023)

Obi Cubana Net Worth & Businesses

The question of who is Obi Cubana and how Obi Cubana makes his money is always asked whenever his activity surface on social Media.

Obi Cubana Net Worth & Business

Obi Cubana was born Iyiegbu Obi in the year 1975.

He is the founder and CEO of Cubana group, a conglomerate that deals on hospitality, entertainment and real estate.

Obi Cubana as popularly called is one of the richest youths and young men in Nigeria.

He is the owner of popular chain night club house, Cubana Club.

He is one of the young billionaires with heart of gold in Nigeria.

The graduate of Political Science from University of Nigeria Nsukka is known for humility and cool headed life.

He has raised many millionaires and entertainers through financial supports and tutelage.

Some of his close associates include Cubana Chief Priest and Cubana Prime Minister.

Below are some of information about Obi Cubana family, Obi Cubana Net Worth and Obi Cubana Business.

Where is Obi Cubana From

Obi Cubana hails from Oba town in Anambra State.

He hold the traditional ozo title of Okpataozuerora 1 of Oba.

His town very close to Onitsha and He is one of the richest men in Oba town in Anambra State.

Though Obi Cubana hails from Oba town, he lives with his family in Lagos, Island.

Obi Cubana Wife & Children

Obi Cubana is happily married with four (4) children.

He is father of four boys and has kept his family life private.

His wife and children has often been pictured spending time and holidays in US and UK.

Obi Cubana Business & Investments

Obi Cubana is a business tycoon who has business cutting across different sectors like hospitality, entertainment and Real Estate.

He owns some of the best hospitality industry in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria biggest and most populous city.

He is also the founder of popular club house, Cubana club which has branched across major Nigerian cities, like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Abuja, Asaba and Owerri.

He is well diversified and is also into real estates.

Obi Cubana owns some of the biggest and most expensive real estates in top Nigeria cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Enugu.

These are some of the well known businesses of Obi Cubana.

He is also a show promoter/organizer and model.

The dark skinned billionaireis also an investor in entertainment industry and owns entertainment center.

Obi Cubana Net Worth

Currently, Obi Cubana is estimated to worth over $250 million.

Some of his biggest and expensive assets are his real estates which are valued at millions of dollars as well as hospitality businesses.

Investigation shows he owns some multi million dollar properties abroad.

This net worth makes Obi Cubana one of the richest young people in Nigeria.

This shows how rich and wealthy Obi Cubana is and how he makes his money.

Obi Cubana Cars & Houses

The young billionaire has some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in his fleet.

Some of which includes latest 2023 Lexus GX series. 2020 G Wagon Benz and 2019 Prado SUV.

He owns one of thee biggest mansions in his home town, Oba and is proud owners of multiple luxurious mansion in Ikoyi and Banana Island areas of Lagos.

List of Night Clubs & Hotels Owned by Obi Cubana

Below is the list of all clubs and hotels owned by billionaire, Obinna Iyiegbu aka Obi Cubana.

Some of these night clubs are among the biggest on their cities of location.

Cubana Clubs in Nigeria
  • Gustavo Cubana Enugu
  • Cubana Night Club Lagos
  • Opium Cubana Owerri
  • Crave Cubana Abuja
  • Pablo Cubana Lagos
  • Cubana Leisure Outfits
Hotels Owned By Obi Cubana

Obi Cubana also own some top hotels in Lagos Abuja.

These are part of his Cubana group. Obi Cubana hotels are.

  • Rolex Hotel Lagos
  • Grand Cubana Hotel Abuja


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