Ogun State Population (2023)

What is The Population of Ogun State

This article will focus on bringing the current population of Ogun state to our readers.

Ogun state population

Finding the population of Ogun state is always of interest to both government agencies and coporate world.

This is as a result of significants of the state. Ogun state is one of the most popular states in southern Nigeria.

The state is closely bordered by Lagos, Oyo and Ondo state.

It is the state in Nigeria with highest number of manufacturing industries.

Many have attributed this to its proximity to Lagos.

As a result of high growth of industries in Ogun state, the population of Ogun state has continued to grow rapidly especially through immigration.

It is unfortunate that the census pattern and requirements of Nigeria has not been followed strictly.

Thus, making debatable population figures of Nigerian states.

The population of Ogun state is also not out of this picture.

Nevertheless, states and NGOs has continued to make efforts towards ascertaining the population of Nigeria and its various states through private sponsored census and use of population projection index.

Why Ogun state population? We decided to bring to our readers the population of Ogun state because of the significants of the state.

Industrialists, firms, NGOs and Government agencies has demonstrated high interest in finding out what is the population of Ogun state.

This is to enable them plan and executed their various policies and programs.

Also, in other to add to body of knowledge, we thought it worthwhile to do a post on recent population of Ogun state.

Population of Ogun State

Ogun state last official known population is 4,424,100 in the year 2011.

At that time, with this population figure of Ogun state, it covered about 2.7% population of Nigeria’s total population.

Ogun state population growth projection is estimated at 3.36%.

This will cover both Ogun state population growth through birth and immigration.

With the above Ogun state population growth projection, the current population of Ogun state is 6,153,869.

Ogun State Population Density

The population density of Ogun state represent number of individuals in a population unit per area ie the population of people that live in particular area of Ogun state, calculated in square meters.

The current population density of Ogun state is put at 263.9.

We will also be listing top towns / cities with highest population in Ogun state.

While Abeokuta the state capital is the city with largest population in Ogun state and most popular town in Ogun state, Sagamu is the very strategic.

The biggest industrial layout in Nigeria can be found in Sagamu, Ogun state.

As a town very close to Lagos, it is not difficult to see why most firms established their industries at Sagamu.

This makes the city one of the most populated towns in Ogun state and a future super developed city in Nigeria.

Towns & Cities With Highest Population in Ogun State

These are towns with highest number of inhabitants in Ogun state.

Some of these towns are among the biggest and major cities in Ogun state.

Below are the most populous towns in Ogun state.



Ijebu Ode




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