Omron & Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Prices in Nigeria (2023)

Prices of Blood Pressure Monitoring Machines in Nigeria

The cost & price of home blood pressure monitoring machines in Nigeria will be the major focus of this article.

Blood Pressure Monitor Prices in Nigeria

The importance of monitoring and checking of blood pressure especially among the elderly cannot be overemphasized.

According an online health publication, over 20 million Nigerians are suffering from high blood pressure.

From this statistics of high blood pressure in Nigeria, it was reported that of the over 20 million Nigerians with high blood pressure, men represent 30.7% of this population while 25.2% are women.

This shows the seriousness of high blood pressure in Nigeria.

Health professionals have always advocated for regular monitoring and check of high blood pressure in Nigeria.

This is so as to prevent health challenges such as stroke, heart attack which could result from high blood pressure.

In other to improve regular monitor and checks of high blood pressure with little or no stress and without visiting hospitals, advancements was made with BP monitoring machines.

Most of the morden and home BP monitoring machines are user friendly and allows for home use.

So, the blood pressure monitoring machines has prevented many deaths and have helped people monitor their BP and take necessary precautions.

In this post, we will be discussing the best home blood pressure monitoring machines.

Also, the prices of best blood pressure monitoring machines in Nigeria will be provided in this article too.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in Nigeria

Below is the list of blood pressure monitor machines that are available in Nigeria.

Omron BP Monitor

This is rated the best and most accurate blood pressure monitoring machine in Nigeria.

It comes in different types with diverse functions.

It is one of the best reliable BP monitor in Nigeria.

Samdive BP Monitor

This is another blood pressure monitor in Nigeria.

However, it is not as popular as Omron BP monitor which is ranked the best BP home monitor in Nigeria.

Andon BP Monitor

Andon BP Monitor is also sold across Nigeria. It is one of the recognized blood pressure monitoring machines in Nigeria.

Now, for this purpose of this write up, we will focus more on Omron, the best and most accurate home BP monitor in Nigeria.

Prices of Omron Blood Pressure Monitor in Nigeria

The price of Omron blood pressure monitor in Nigeria is diverse.

This is because there are different types of Omron blood pressure monitors and each comes with different functions.

So the prices of Omron BP monitor is highly determined by its functions and performance.

Below is the list of different types of BP Monitor and how much these home blood pressure monitor are sold in Nigeria.

Types of Omron BP Monitor & Prices

These are prices of Omron blood pressure monitoring machines in Nigeria.

Omron M-Series BP Monitor – N20,000 – Above

The M series is the cheapest Omron home BP monitor in Nigeria.

Its price starts from N20,000 and above depending on the functions and shop or outlet where it is being bought.

Omron M series comes in different variants and with different features and functions such as Omron M2 Basic, Omron M2 Eco, Omron M3, Omron M6 etc.

Omron Series 10 BP Monitor – N55,000 – Above

This is the most advanced Omron BP Monitor. It has more functions than the Omron M series.

Some of the Omron series 10 has bluetooth features as well as upper arm cluff.

The price of series 10 Omron blood pressure monitor in Nigeria starts from N55,000 and above.

Omron series 10 has different versions with different functions.

This determines how much they are sold across Nigeria.

Where To Buy Omron BP Monitor in Lagos? 

The best place to buy blood monitoring machines in Lagos is at top pharmaceutical shops and outlets.

Also, another place to buy Omron blood pressure monitor cheap in Lagos is at major drugs and drug equipment markets in Lagos Nigeria.

Buying blood pressure monitoring machines online can also be gotten cheaper in Nigeria.

Some online stores like Jumia, Konga are some online stores to buy BP Monitor in Nigeria.


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