Ondo State Population (2024)

Population of Ondo State

According to a recent study, Ondo state population growth is estimated at 3.0% per annum.

Ondo state population

In the year 2016, Ondo state population was put at 4,671,700.This includes adults and children.

Ondo state is a Nigerian state located at southern Nigeria.

The state is situated in south west geo political zone of Nigeria and is Yorubaland.

The state is rich both in natural resources and human resources.

It is one of the Niger Delta states in south west Nigeria.

In this post, we will focus on population of Ondo state people.

Population figures in Nigeria have continued to generate debates because of lack and inconsistency in population census in Nigeria.

Ondo state is not out of picture in this regard too as the state is yet to arrive at generally accepted population figures.

However we rely on projections and estimation from experts to deliver the population of Ondo state.

The last known population of the state was in 2016,during which Ondo state is home ot over 4 million persons.

Between 2011 to 2016, the state is adjudged to be on population growth of 3.0% annually.

So, read on in this article while we bring you the current population figure of Ondo state.

Also, to be contained in this post is the population of Akure, Ondo state capital.

Current Population of Ondo State

Currently, population of Ondo state is estimated at 5,372,477.

This Ondo population includes both children and adults.

The population of the state is expanding, thanks to commercialization and industrialization in the state which is attracting people into the state.

Also, Ondo state population growth is also attributed to increase in number of higher institutions of learning in the state.

These two factors along with birthrate in Ondo state is highly responsible and account for its population growth in recent time.

Population of Akure

Finding the population of Akure, Ondo state capital is always of interest to many.

Akure population is currently estimated at 701,289 persons.

Thus representing about 2.89% growth from its previous population.

Akure is the capital of the state and is the home of civil servants in the state.

It is also the most commercilised city in the state.

As a result of numerous higher institution in the city, the population of students in Akure is very high and among the highest in southern Nigeria.

Ondo State Population: Overview

In general, Ondo state is one of the most populous states in Southwest and Southern Nigeria.

The state covers 15,049 km². This makes it a very large state among states in southern Nigeria, though not the largest.

Greater population of Ondo residents are civil servants and farmers.

The state is home to biggest number of economic trees in Nigeria.

Most timber markets in Nigeria source their materials from the state.

The population density of Ondo state currently is pegged at 410.3/km².

This represent the number of people living in a particular area of the state calculated by KM².

According to population projections, Ondo state population is estimated to reach a whooping 7 million people by year 2030.


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