Highest Paying Online Jobs in Nigeria (2024)

Best Online Jobs in Nigeria

Online jobs in Nigeria are become increasingly popular and attractive. Our focus here is online jobs in Nigeria that pay in dollars.

Best online jobs in Nigeria

Passive earning is highly attractive to Nigerians especially when one will earn in foreign currency.

One of the best ways to earn passively in Nigeria is to engage in online jobs.

Before now, many Nigerians shaun online jobs because of lack of knowledge and understanding of how online jobs works especially in Nigeria.

Also, the high rate of online scams and frauds is also one of the major reasons for poor embrace of online jobs in Nigeria.

In reality, online jobs in Nigeria are among the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

Currently, more Nigerians are venturing into online jobs in Nigeria because of the pay of online jobs in Nigeria as well as how flexible the job can be too.

Across the world, opportunities for online jobs is huge and limitless, however in Nigeria, not all online jobs has started producing desired reactions and financial inflow in Nigeria.

This is because of our slow embrace of technology and innovations.

Podcasting is becoming a very lucrative online job in USA and Europe, however, in Nigeria, majority of citizens barely knows what Podcasting is all about.

So, this shows that not all online job is lucrative yet in Nigeria.

To this end, in this article, we will be discussing best and highest paying online jobs in Nigeria.

They can also be referred to as the most popular online jobs in Nigeria.

Top Online Jobs in Nigeria

Now lets give you a run down of top and highest paying online jobs in Nigeria that are paying in dollars.

Potentials and opportunities of some of these online jobs in Nigeria is limitless and huge because the country is highly fertile and untapped for growth of online jobs and platforms.


Blogging is no doubt the biggest and highest paying online job in Nigeria.

Blogging entail publishing online written contents for public consumption.

Every blogger has its target audience. Despite the popularity of this online job in Nigeria, it’s potential and opportunities are still huge and yet to be tapped to full.

Blogging is one of the major online job in Nigeria that pays in dollars.

To be a successful blogger in Nigeria, it demands creativity, passion, originality and enormous hard work.

Most successful bloggers in Nigeria are raking thousands of dollars each month and have some number of staff to their employ.

Bloggers earn money majorly through adsense (advert programme owned by google).

This happen through the click on these adverts by visitors to the site.


Vlogging is a very popular online job in Nigeria which deals with creating video contents for target audience.

Vlogging is one of the highest paying online jobs in Nigeria.

This is why we see many and more upcoming Vlogging artists in Nigeria.

Through creation of video on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, content creators can earn handsomely through high viewership of these contents.

This is done by running ads in between these videos by these top social media firms.

Social Media Marketing

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have created a huge opportunities for Nigerian youths.

Many Nigerians now create brands on these social media through amassing of huge followership running into millions.

This huge social media followership gives owners the opportunity to market and advertise products, events and services to their teeming social media audience at a given price.

This is one of the way to make money online in Nigeria. It is one of the highest paying online jobs one can do in Nigeria very easily.

Freelance Writing

Majority of people in Nigeria ignore this online job without knowing that it pays very high in Nigeria.

It is one of the easiest online jobs to start in Nigeria.

This online job is all about writing on a specific subject as directed by payer.

By registering in some of the following sites like Fivver, Zerys, WriterBay, Upwork, Elance, iWriter, one can stand a chance to be contracted to write on certain subjects in exchange for finacial gains.


Transcription which involves writing and putting down spoken words or audio in black and white is becoming a very high paying online job in Nigeria.

You can get transcription job in the following sites in Nigeria, Casting Words, Odesk, Scribie, Transcribe Me, Rev and Elance.

To be able to do this online job in Nigeria, one have to have a great listening skill. It is a top paying online job in Nigeria.


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