Oraimo Smart Watch Prices in Nigeria (2023)

Oraimo smart watch is one of the most popular and used smart watches in Nigeria.

Price of Oraimo smart watch in Nigeria

The smart watch is a product of smart gadgets maker, Oraimo.

This article will review price of different oraimo smart watches as well as unbox these Oraimo smart watches.

Technological advancements have moved to watches with production of smart watches.

These watches are high end watches which can be used to perform basic tech functions such as initiate calls, read text message and social media notifications as well as monitor heart beats and exercises.

There are different brands of smart watches in Nigeria ranging from Apple, Redmi, Samsung, Oraimo etc.

However,of all these smart watches, Oraimo is the most sought after and used smart watch in Nigeria.

Hence we deemed it necessary to review the prices of Oraimo smart watch in Nigeria.

Oraimo have numerous series of smart watches, each with specific functions and prices.

The prices of Oraimo smart watch is consummerate to the watch specifications and functions.

This is why the higher the price of Oraimo smart watch, the bigger functions and specifications.

So, if you re seeking to buy Oraimo smart watch and wants to ascertain the price of Oraimo smart watch,this article will give you an insight and help you budget effectively.

Prices of Oraimo Smart Watch in Nigeria

What is the price or cost of original Oraimo smart watch in Nigeria? This is the question this segment of the article seek to answer.

Also, we will review the functions and specifications of Oraimo smart watch.

So, those who are asking what function can Oraimo smart watch do will through this post be in the know.

Here is series of all Oraimo smart watches and their prices in Nigeria.

Oraimo Smart Watch (OSW) 16 – N20,000 – N22,000

Oraimo Smart Watch 16 is one of the best Oraimo smart watches in Nigeria.

It comes in black and silver colours with 1.67 inches screen.

Some of the biggest functions of OSW 16 watch includes: IP68 water resistance, notification, IPS Colour Touchscreen, Upgraded Heart Rate Sensor, Upto 15 days battery life.

The average price of this Oraimo smart watch is N20,000 to N22,000.

It can as well be higher depending on the dealer and gadget store you are buying from.

Oraimo Smart Watch (OSW)16 Pro – N23,500 – N25,000

Oraimo Smart Watch 16 Pro is an upgrade from the Oraimo watch 16.

There isn’t much difference between the OSW 16 & 16 Pro.

The major specifications of Oraimo watch 16 Pro are V5.0 Bluetooth version, 200mAh battery capacity, IP68 water proof an well as 1.68: inches screen size.

It is long lasting Oraimo smart watch which can last up to 15days.

The price of Oraimo watch 16 pro starts from N23,500.

Oraimo Watch 2 Pro (OSW- 32) – N15,000 to N17,000

Oraimo watch 2 pro is also known as OSW -32. It is one of the cheapest Oraimo smart watch in Nigeria.

The average price of this Oraimo smart watch in Nigeria is N15,000.

Some of the major functions and specifications of Oraimo watch 2 pro includes: 300mAh battery capacity which makes the smart watch last upto 7 days after one full charge, V5.1 bluetooth version, waterproof, 1.75 inches screen size, calls and social media notifications.

Oraimo Smart Watch 11 (Tempo S) – N15,500 to N17,000

This is another series of Oraimo smart watch that is considerably cheap with an average price of N15,500.

The Oraimo smart watch can last up to 20days with 200mAh battery capacity.

It’s Bluetooth version is 4.2 unlike other higher version with 5.0 and above versions.

It also has waterproof feature which protects the watch from water.

It has smaller screen size with 1.3 inches screen size.

This is most suitable Oraimo smart watch for women and ladies.

If you like smart watch with big screen size, then this isn’t for you.

Oraimo Smart Watch 11N (Tempo S2) – N16,00 – N17,000

This is a variant of OSW 11 as the two Oraimo smart watch is almost same in size and functions.

Also, the disparity in price of these Oraimo smart watch is very minimal and almost same.

Some of its top features includes: V5.1 Bluetooth version, 180mAh battery capacity and water resistance feature too.

Oraimo Smart Watch 10 ( Tempo W) N30,000 – N32,000

Oraimo Smart Watch 10 also known as Tempo W is one of the best and most expensive Oraimo smart watch in Nigeria.

It is very unique because of it’s oval or round shape devoid of the traditional square shape of smart watches.

The average cost of this Oraimo smart watch is N30,000.

It is one of the most sophisticated Oraimo watches in Nigeria.

Some of its notable features includes: oval shape and screen, 240mAh battery capacity with standby of upto 20 days, waterproof, calls and social media notifications. V4.0 bluetooth.

Oraimo Smart Watch 20 (Tempo W2) – N35,000 – N37,000

Oraimo Smart Watch 20 also known as Tempo W2 is the costliest Oraimo smart watch in Nigeria.

It is also oval screen shape smart watch with massive 180 mAh battery capacity.

This makes the watch to standby upto 20 days when fully charged.

It can be used to monitor heart rate and exercises. It comes with IP67 waterproof feature and V4.2 Bluetooth specifications.

This massive Oraimo smart watch cost price starts from N35,000 depending on gadget store visited.


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