Oraimo Vs New Age Smart Accessories: Which is Better?

This post will do a comparative analysis to ascertain better accessories between New Age & Oraimo products.

Both New Age and Oraimo is top makers of phone and smart accessories.

This is because of the growing debate over better accessories between Oraimo and New Age.

Technological advancements has seen an unprecedented productions of varieties of smart accessories which has helped the growth of telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

The two brands,Oraimo and New Age are doimnant in Nigeria’s smart gadgets market.

Despite the influx of other numerous brands both foreign and local, Oraimo and New Age has remained the two biggest players in Nigeria market.

In Nigeria, both brand’s are seen as direct competitors and their products is highly patronised in Nigeria because of it’s quality.

The two brands by being in the same industry, engages in production and manufacture of almost same types of gadgets and products.

Hence, customers are always inquisitive and curious about which of New Age and Oraimo is of better quality.

We set out to review and make opinions and views on the two brands by using and accessing products of the two brands.

This is so as to be in good position and in the know to give verdict on which of the Oraimo & New Age makes better accessories.

So, this article will give an opinion on the performance of Oraimo Vs New Age products.

We, hope the article will help the debate about New Age and Oraimo which one has better quality.

New Age Accessories: Brief Historical Overview

New Age is Nigeria’s first indigenous registered phone and smart accessories makers.

The company was incorporated in the year 2008 and is owned by a renowned business mogul, Mr Ekene Okpala from Anambra state.

New Age is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria and its head office address is 24B Amodu Tijani close, Off Sanusi Fafunwa, Victoria Island Lagos.

New Age has registered distributors and agents across Nigeria who helps market the companies numerous products and accessories.

The following is the list of all accessories produced by New Age.

List of All New Age Accessories & Gadgets

Below is the list of different types of accessories and gadgets produced, manufactured and marketed by New Age.

  • New Age Phone Chargers
  • New Age Phone Batteries
  • New Age Cables
  • New Age Power Banks
  • New Age Earphones
  • New Age Bluetooth Speakers (Audio)
  • New Age Earbuds (Audio)
  • New Age in car (Car Chargers)
  • New Age Wireless Headsets

The above is all types of gadgets that New Age have in the market.

Oraimo Accessories: Brief Historical Overview

Oraimo is one of the most patronised and most porpular smart gadgets brand in Nigeria.

However, Oraimo is not an indigenous company in Nigeria as it’s founders are foreigners based in China.

Oraimo was founded by group of friends who wants to change the world through production of top quality smart accessories.

Oraimo, was founded in 2013 and since then is having a fair share of the industry especially in West Africa.

The porpularity of the brand in Nigeria has led to misconceptions that Oraimo is a Nigerian brand or owned by a Nigerian.

However,this is misleading as it is a foreign owned company that is registered in Nigeria.

Oraimo’s Nigeria head office is located at H8WQ+3X2, Ola Ayeni St, Ikeja 101233, Lagos.

The following are gadgets and products produced and marketed by Oraimo.

List of All Oraimo Gadgets & Accessories in Nigeria

Below is different types of accessories and gadgets produced and manufactured by Oraimo.

  • Oraimo Phone Chargers
  • Oraimo Phone Batteries
  • Oraimo Car Chargers
  • Oraimo Cables
  • Oraimo Earphones
  • Oraimo Earbuds
  • Oraimo Power Banks
  • Oraimo Neckband bluetooths
  • Oraimo Bluetooth Speakers
  • Oraimo Smart Watches
  • Oraimo Memory Cards
  • Oraimo Flash
  • Oraimo Clippers
  • Oraimo Wireless Headsets
  • Oraimo Adapter

These are different accessories that is produced by Oraimo.

Which is the Better Between Oraimo & New Age?

Now, lets give you a qualitative analysis of Oraimo accessories Vs New Age accessories which we conducted to know the best among the two.

From our earlier paragraphs, you can deduce that while New Age is fully focused on most telecom accessories, Oraimo is more diversified as they make more products which are not just for telecom purposes but general electronics like clippers,Adapters etc.

We experimented with the top chargers of both brands to find the best chargers between Oraimo and New Age.

We discovered that there isn’t much difference as both brands make fast and long lasting chargers and cables.

In terms of performance, New Age Chargers and Oraimo Chargers stands side by side and are very good.

We also, tested the power banks of the two brands and find also that when it comes to performance, New Age and Oraimo Power banks stand side by side too.

However, New Age makes higher capacity power banks like the 55000mAh New Age power bank.

Morestill we focused more on finding the best bluetooths earbuds between Oraimo and New Age.

We discovered that both brand’s earbuds can be considered good buy at their respective prices, though Oraimo FreePod 3 is slightly higher in price and also gives cool tunes and features such as battery and sensor.

New Age I -Beat which is the brand’s earbud is cheaper than Oraimo and also is most sleek both in the pods and its pack.

Both Oraimo and New Age earbuds are good at their respective prices and has a good bass level and battery life.

We didn’t delve much as the price gap is much between the two earbuds.

Also, Oraimo has more earbuds types than new Age. As to the best car charger between New Age and Oraimo, nothing much is separating the two brands.

In conclusion, in terms of quality, there’s no better quality options among New Age and Oraimo.

Both brands products are of top quality. Personal choices and discretions should be the only factor that should make you choose one over another.

They can best be described as two sides of same coin.


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