Original Apple Watch Prices in Nigeria (2022)

Apple Inc, a tech giant in production of smart gadgets has turned heads with their production and manufacture of Apple watch.

The Apple watch is more than a time checking device as it comes with some mind blowing specifications and features which makes it a smart watch.

The price and cost of original Apple watch in Nigeria which is considered very high is one of the most expensive wrist watches in Nigeria.

Apple watch is more likened to a wrist computer as it provides users with access to basic digital information ranging from access to mails, text message, social media notifications etc which ordinarily should be done on smartphone or computer set.

The device also goes a long way to provide some health tips with its hearts rate mornitoring feature as well as exercise monitor.

All these features goes along way to highlight the quality and how sophisticated Apple watch is.

The device which is compactible with other Apple gadgets like Apple phones provides convenience,stress free and effective utilisation of other Apple gadgets.

All these super functions of Apple smart watch doesn’t come cheap as the price of original Apple smart watch in Nigeria is considered very expensive and high.

What then is the price of original Apple watch in Nigeria? All these frequently asked questions about Apple watch and more we intend to answer using this article.

This post will give you different series of Apple watch and it’s prices in Nigeria.

After going through this article, you will find the difference between Apple watch and ordinary smart watch.

Cost Price of Original Apple Watch in Nigeria

Currently, Apple watch is on the 8th series which makes Apple series 8 watch the most expensive and latest Apple watch.

However, there is still a very high prevalence and use of previous series of Apple watch.

This is why we will consider enumerating the list of all Apple watch series and their prices in Nigeria.

Below is the current price of Apple watch across Nigeria.

  • Apple Watch Series 3 – N140,000
  • Apple Watch Series 4 – N170,000
  • Apple Watch Series 5 – N195,000
  • Apple Watch Series SE (2020)- N197,000
  • Apple Watch Series 6 – N197,000
  • Apple Watch Series 7 -N285,000
  • Apple Watch Series 8 -N285,000
  • Apple Watch SE (2022) – N179,000

These are average price of original Apple watch in Nigeria currently.

There is bound to be disparity in price of these Apple watch in Nigeria as factors such as exchange rate, outlets would determine the final price of these Apple watches in Nigeria.

Best Places to Buy Original Apple Watch in Nigeria

If you are looking for places or outlets where you can purchase original Apple watch in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, you should consider visit Apple stores in Nigeria.

Also, the Apple device can be bought at any mega tech stores across major cities in Nigeria.

However,note must be taken on difference between Apple watch and ordinary smart watch.

Apple watch is compactible with Apple devices. This means that it only works with Apple iPhone and other Apple devices.

This is just as ordinary smart watch is compactible to both Apple and Android devices.

Also, the price of Apple watch in Nigeria is considerably high unlike ordinary smart watch which cost average of N15,000.

Some Notable Feature & Specifications of Apple Watch

Apple watch is a combination of luxury and high technology.

The watch is also smart as it can facilitate some activities that ordinarily should be done on phones and computers.

Some major specifications of Apple watch includes but not limited to.

Water Resistant

Swim proof

Temperature Sensing

Cardio fitness notification

Face detection 


Social Media Notifications

Access to Phonebook

The final price of original Apple watch in Nigeria will rest with vendors and selling outlets.

Also, there is a high market for already used Apple watch in Nigeria.

The price of already used Apple watch in Nigeria is significantly low and cheaper compared to the price of brand new Apple watch in Nigeria.


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