Original Nike Slippers Price in Nigeria

This post will center on the price of original Nike slide slippers in Nigeria.

Nike,global giant in wears production and manufacturing is one of the world’s renowned slippers makers.

Nike slippers are very porpular and highly patronised in Nigeria.

The Nike slide slippers sometime called Nike sports slippers is a unisex slippers which can be worn by both men and women.

Nigerians patronage of Nike slippers is very highly and this is owning to its portability and durability.

Nike slippers has been adjudged as one of the long lasting and long life span slippers around.

Hence, its use in Nigeria is very high and overhelming. Get to find how much original Nike slippers cost in Nigeria in this write up.

Slippers Use in Nigeria

Slippers use in Nigeria is one of the highest around the world.

Ordinarily, slippers are indoor footwears which is worn at home.

They are used to protect our foot while at home or indoor.

However, Nigeria’s slippers use is massive with more than half of the countries population using slippers for outdoor activities.

It is not backed by facts if poverty level is contributing to high use of slippers in Nigeria especially for outdoor activities or for official business of the day.

This is because many Nigerians of above average earnings also imbibe the culture of wearing of slippers both at home and outdoors.

Nike is one of the most loved and used slippers in Nigeria.

This prompted our team to embark on research to ascertain the cost of original Nike slippers in Nigeria.

So, in this article, we will provide the current price of original Nike slippers in Nigeria.

Price of Original Nike Sports Slippers in Nigeria

Original Nike slippers price in Nigeria slightly differs based on your location and purchasing shop.

However, after our survey we discovered that average cost of original Nike slippers in Nigeria ranges between N15000 to N25,000.

The huge gap in the price of these original Nike slippers is based on the design and place of purchase.

This is the true price of original Nike slippers in Nigeria.

Best Place to Buy Original Nike Sports Slippers in Nigeria

To buy or purchase original Nike slippers in Nigeria visit any of Nike shops in Nigeria like the Nike shop in Lagos, Nike shop in Port Harcourt and Abuja.

These are the best places to buy Nike slippers in and around Nigeria.


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