Colleges in Canada with Cheapest Tuition Deposit for International Students

Colleges in Canada which are majorly diploma and certificate awarding institution are attracting so much interests from international students. This article will focus on the review of the colleges in Canada with low tuition deposit for international students. Colleges tend to be more directly career-oriented than universities, offering certificate and diploma programs. In Canada, college […]

How to Get Secondary/ High School Transcript & Cost in Nigeria

Courses you can study without English language

The tradition of applying or getting high school or secondary school transcripts in Nigeria is not a popular one. This is because Nigeria’s universities and post-secondary school academic institution hardly request for secondary school transcript. However,same cannot be said for post-secondary academic institutions abroad especially for schools in Europe and North America. Because of unpopular […]

Top 5 Universities in Canada With Cheapest Tuition Deposit for International Students

Canada is a top study destination for international students which is facilitated by many reasons. The North American country offer one of the cheapest tuition fees for international students. Also, Canada is multicultural which makes it a perfect fit for international students from different parts of the world. Moreso, the country is one of the […]

Acceptance Rate for International Students at Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland is one of Canada most sought after universities by international students. According to multiple online sources, Memorial university of Newfoundland has an acceptance rate of approximately 67%. This statistics would gladden students with intention of making application for programs at Memorial University of Newfoundland. We took this subject matter further and […]