Safest Countries in Africa To Visit as Foreigner

Africa is very attractive to tourists globally as a result of the continent’s rich cultural heritage, wildlife and the people.   While many tourists find visiting Africa very fascinating and enchanting, going to certain African countries involves some security risks. So, it is imperative to make your research and work with security details and Intels … Read more

Where in Nigeria Does Snow Fall?

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Top 10 Coldest States in Nigeria & Temperature

This write up is a compilation of the coldest states in Nigeria especially during harmattan season or winter period.   In the 36 states in Nigeria and FCT, the weather conditions experienced in each varies. Some states in Nigeria as result of their geographical location and environment experience extreme weather conditions at different periods of … Read more

Best Cinemas in Lagos

major cinemas in Lagos nigeria

There are couple of movie theatre and cinemas in Lagos Nigeria. This post will review best Cinemas in Lagos. Nigeria’s booming movie industry has seen an increase in cinemas across the country. Particularly, over 90% of Cinemas in Nigeria can be found in Lagos. The reason is not far fetched as the city is the … Read more

Best IELTS Tutorial Centers in Lagos

cost of IELTS in Nigeria

Finding the best IELTS Tutorial Centers can be a daunting task. This is because, there aren’t many best centers for IELTS Tutorials in Lagos and Nigeria. IELTS popularly known as English language test is one of the most popular English language test constantly requested as requirements for immigration into most English language speaking countries. This … Read more

Best NYSC Orientation Camps in Nigeria

Best States For NYSC In Nigeria

This article will assess NYSC orientation camps across Nigeria with view of listing the best, most enquipped and beautiful NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria. There are 37 NYSC orientation camps located in 36 states of Nigeria and Federal Capital Territory. These camps serve as orientation and mobilization venues for new corps members who are about … Read more

Is There Beach in Anambra State?

This article will answer all your questions relating to beach in Anambra state. Images and videos of beach in Anambra state surfaces online has left many people arguing if really there is a beach in Anambra state. Some persons on social media noted that the beach is not located in Anambra state while other inferred … Read more

Price of Onyx Studio in Nigeria

Onyx studio prices in Nigeria is determined by its models. There more than four models of Onyx Studio in the market each with its unique features and prices. Onyx Studio is a popular music box that is bluetooth enabled. It is one of the Nigeria’s most popular bluetooth music box that is currently prevalent. Apart … Read more