Plastic Chairs & Tables Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Prices of Plastic Tables & Chairs in Nigeria

This post will be discussing the prices of plastic chairs and tables in Nigeria. It will answer questions boardering on how much is the price of plastic chairs and tables in Nigeria.

Plastic tables and chairs prices

The use of plastic chairs and tables have remained very popular in Nigeria.

The price and cost of plastic chairs in Nigeria is largely decided by the features and the quality of the plastic chairs.

Plastic tables and chairs patronage and popularity in Nigeria was triggered by certain factors like portability and easy replacement.

The market for plastic tables and chairs is very huge hence top companies in Nigeria like Leoplast, Innoson etc are investing heavily in the industry.

In Nigeria, high preference of plastic chairs and tables over wooden ones are owing to following factors.

Plastics tables and chairs are easily movable. They can be carried from placed to place with easy.

Also, they come in different sizes and can be used for smaller spaces.

Plastic chairs and table are cheap and are easily replaced when damaged.

These are some of the reasons why there is high patronage and preference for plastic chairs and tables.

The price of plastic tables and chairs in Nigeria has continued to change as economic equations in the country continues to evolve.

In this article, we will be providing an update on prices of plastic chairs and tables in Nigeria market currently.

Specifically, the current price of armless plastic chairs /seats in Nigeria will be provided in this article.

Cost of Plastic Chairs & Tables: How Much is Plastic Chairs, Tables in Nigeria

The cost and price of plastic tables and chairs in Nigeria is determined by size and quality.

These are two major factors that play on the price of plastic tables, chairs in Nigerian market.

There are numerous companies into production and manufacturing of plastic chairs and tables in Nigeria.

The most notable among them is Innoson and Leoplast.

Plastic Chairs Prices in Nigeria

In this segment of the write up our focus will be on price of plastic chairs in Nigeria. This is an updated price of plastic chairs in Nigeria.

Armless Plastic Chairs Price

Armless Plastic Chairs is one of the cheapest plastic chairs in Nigeria. It is easily moved around and can hold higher number of people with a small space.

The average price of armless plastic chairs in Nigeria is around N3000.

Price of Plastic Chairs With Arms

Plastic chairs with arms or hand is of two types. There is arm plastic chair with steel legs. Also,armed plastic chair do as well come in overall plastic. These two plastic chairs are of two different prices.

The price of plastic chairs with arms is on average of N4200.

Now,the price of plastic chairs with arms and steel legs is on average of N5000.

This just as overall plastic chairs with arms is on average price of N4200.

There might be a slight difference in the price of these plastic chairs depending on company and place of purchase.

However, intending buyer can work with a budget around above figures and amounts.

Plastic Tables Prices in Nigeria

Plastic tables are more expensive than plastic chairs.

Prices list of plastic tables in Nigeria is determined by size, quality and brands. Below is the average price of plastic tables in Nigeria.

Small Size Plastic Table: N2000 – N6000

Medium Size Plastic Table: N4500 – N8000

Large Size Plastic Table: N8000 – N14,500

However, the prices of plastic tables listed above here might be impacted by location and also brands.

Price of Plastic Reading Table

Plastic reading tables are very popular especially in Nigeria higher institution.

These plastic reading table are specifically built for writing and studies.

They come with a box beneath where writing materials and books can be kept.

The price of plastic reading table in Nigeria is around N9000.

This type of plastic table is one of the most sought after by individuals and for private use.

Price of Plastic Stool

Also, the demand for plastic stool is very high in Nigeria.

People keeps asking and seeking for price of these plastic stools in Nigeria.

On average, a plastic stool in Nigeria is priced at N2000.

These plastic stools comes in different shapes and designs.


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