Polaris Bank Salary Structure (2024)

How Much Polaris Bank Pay Staff

Polaris bank is one of the Central Bank of Nigeria approved commercial banks in Nigeria.

Polaris bank salary

Polaris Bank is a commercial bank with national outlook in the sense that it is a bank that operates across all parts of Nigeria.

As part of plans to improve performance, Polaris bank has undergone numerous changes both in operations and personnel.

In this post, we will be discussing salary of Polaris bank staff.

This write up is part of our series on commercial banks salaries in Nigeria. Polaris bank combines experience and young professionals in driving the bank’s policies and programs.

These staff of Polaris bank are paid good salaries and remunerations.

The question of how much Polaris bank pay staff does not go away as most applicants willing to join the bank are always in demand to know the salary structure of Polaris bank.

After a meticulous research and fact finding, we are able to obtain the salary of Polaris bank staff.

This includes both salary of entry-level staff at Polaris Bank as well as salary of experience staff at Polaris Bank.

Polaris Bank Salary: How Much Staff Earn as Salaries

Polaris Bank staff salaries based on the staff roles within the bank. Some of the staff with highest salaries at Polaris bank are those in management and managerial positions.

These are directors and managers. For the purpose of this work, we will be focusing specifically on salaries of contract staff and permanent staff at Polaris bank.

Also to be discussed is the salary of cleaners and security guards at Polaris bank.

How Much Polaris Bank Pay Their Staff

Below is the salary details of Polaris bank staff and employees.

Polaris Bank Salary for Permanent Staff

Here we will be providing the salary of entry level staff at Polaris bank. Entry level staff at Polaris bank is the least position among the bank’s full time positions.

Salary of entry-level staff at Polaris bank is between N80,000 to N100,000 per month. Most of the staff at this level comes in through graduate trainee programs.

Polaris Bank Graduate Trainee Salary

Graduate trainee staff at Polaris bank are young professionals who are undergoing basic banking trainings aimed at enqipping them with the culture and operation of Polaris bank and general banking services and operations.

Graduate trainee salary at Polaris bank is between N35,000 to N50,000 per month. The training runs between 4 to 6 months.

Polaris Bank Salary for Contract Staff

Contract staff at Polaris bank earn salary in region of N60,000 to N70,000 per month.

These are staff of Polaris bank hired to help cover a specific role within a specific period in the bank. Use of contact staff is very popular among Nigeria commercial banks.

They are used to complement and provide immediate cover for some important and demanding positions in the bank.

Polaris Bank Salary for Marketers (Sales Representatives)

Salary of marketers at Polaris bank is around N45,000 per month. These categories of staff help get across the bank’s programs and services to customers and potential customers.

They also present convincing arguments to potential customers of the bank.

Polaris Bank Salary for Cleaners and Security Guards

Cleaners and security guards at Polaris bank earn monthly salary of about N35,000. These categories of staff are very vital to operations and smooth running of the bank.

They are non technical roles but very indispensable in operations of a commercial bank.


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