Poultry Farming & Business in Nigeria

How Profitable is Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Poultry Farming in Nigeria is one of the most popular animal farming in Nigeria.

Poultry business in Nigeria

It is simply rearing of birds. The most popular type of poultry in Nigeria is rearing of chicken, particularly specie known as old layers and broilers.

As a result of high unemployment in the country, most people especially the Youths are encouraged to venture into agriculture.

Poultry Farming is one of the most preferred agricultural farming in Nigeria.

As a result, we have decided to use this post to enlighten and talk about some pertinent information about poultry business in Nigeria.

Particularly, we will be discussing how much one can make from poultry in Nigeria ie how lucrative and profitable can poultry business and farming in Nigeria be.

This information will help those with ambitions and plans of running and starting up poultry business in Nigeria.

How To Start Poultry Business in Nigeria

Starting and running poultry business in Nigeria requires putting in place some logistics and financial strength.

Poultry is one of the businesses or farming activities that can be done at different level.

In as much as people invest over N5 million to start poultry business in Nigeria, some others with N300,000 can as well venture and excel in the business.

However, there are certain steps that must be followed to start poultry business in Nigeria.

The steps to starting poultry in Nigeria are those logistics that must come in before one can safely operate business of poultry in Nigeria.

Land / Site

This is where the breeding and rearing of birds will take place.

One do not necessary need to buy land. However, you can borrow or rent to operate and run your poultry.

What will determine the size of land needed for poultry is the number of birds to be farmed.

Cage / Pen

This another necessity for poultry business in Nigeria.

It is one of the most important steps to starting poultry business in Nigeria.

In most cases, it is one of the steps that demand high capital outside Procurement of birds.

The cage has to be safely constructed and adequate electricity well installed.

Feeding Equipments

Also feeding boxes and cases will need to be procured.This included both boxes for feeding and water.

This is important as inadequate water for the birds can lead to complications.

Poultry Business Startup Capital in Nigeria

The required capital for setting up poultry Farming in Nigeria is dependent on the scale of farming.

For instance farmer who plan to farm and rear 500 birds will budget larger capital than another who is plans on 100 birds.

So there are no specific capital required for poultry business in Nigeria.

However, the farmer must avail him or her self enough capital needed especially for feeding of the birds / chicken.

For starting up poultry business of around 100 chicken and birds, farmers should budget N500,000 outside fixed assest like cage and land etc.

This will include for both the feeding and veterinary services of the birds if need be.

How Lucrative is Poultry Business in Nigeria

Poultry business is very lucrative in Nigeria, as its market is very viable.

Many Nigerians has never hidden their preference to eating white meat and birds.

Currently in Nigeria, the price of old layers chicken is on average of N2,500.

Also, poultry farmer in most cases make much more from egg sales than actual selling of chicken itself.

The good news about poultry in Nigeria is that birds like old layers can produce tons of eggs before they are ready for sale.

Egg from these birds most times provides as steady inflow of income for the farmer through the continuous and steady eggs production.

How To Effectively Operate and Maintain Poultry in Nigeria

Poultry business and farming in Nigeria requires close attention.

Most times, if the farmer can’t give the needed attention, it is important that poultry worker or workers are employed.

This poultry workers carries out day to day running of the poultry farm and monitors the performance of the birds.

Also, it is very important that farmer is proactive by providing needed vertinary services for the birds from time to time.

This helps prevent flu and other birds diseases from striking the poultry farm in Nigeria.

Good lighting and well secured cage is also very paramount to avoid attack from other wild animals.

Feeding of poultry is very important and takes time. The birds can be feed for 2 to 3 times a day so as to maintain the weight and growth of the birds.

End Note on Poultry Farming & Business in Nigeria

The question of if one can make money or become rich in Nigeria through poultry business is an obvious yes.

Most hotels and restaurants and individuals depends on the poultry farmers for their meats and diets.

Also, most products from poultry like eggs, feaces are all income generating and can be sold.

The market for poultry in Nigeria is very viable and profitable.

It is one of the fast selling agricultural produce in Nigeria market.

Also, there are many government loan schemes available for poultry and agriculture in Nigeria which poultry farmers can assess and take advantage of.


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