Price of Apple Airpods Max in Nigeria (2024)

Cost of Airpods Max in Nigeria

The acceptance and use of newly launched Apple over ear headset, Airpods Max in Nigeria is enormous.

It was surprising to many Apple device lovers when the company announced it’s about to launch wireless over ear headphone.

Many tech lovers waited in curiousity to find what the tech giant would come up with.

Ofcourse,Apple Inc didn’t disappoint as it finally launched one of the world most effective and unique design wireless over ear headset with apple like speakers at both ends.

The acceptance and use of airpods max in Nigeria is currently high as young people are very excited about the device and its features.

However, one of the much talked about points about Apple Airpods Max is it’s price in Nigeria.

The cost price of original Apple Airpods Max in Nigeria left many lovers of the device groaning and going for crones of the much fanned wireless over ear headset.

In this article, we will review the price of original Apple Airpods Max in Nigeria.

Also, we will discuss the major features of Airpods Max in Nigeria.

We will also give a little opinions about the fake Apple Airpods Max over ear wireless headsets in Nigeria.

How Much Does Original Apple Airpods Max Cost in Nigeria? – $549:00

The cost price of original Apple Airpods Max in Nigeria is between N370,000 to N430,000.

The slight disparity in the Airpods Max prices in Nigeria is based on factors such as location, tech stores, logistics etc.

This wireless over ear headphone from Apple Inc cost a whooping $549:00 which makes it the most expensive wireless over ear headphone in Nigeria.

A significant difference in this price for airpod max in Nigeria should trigger suspicious as it maybe fake or croned airpods max.

Major Features of Apple Airpods Max

The Apple wireless Airpods Max which cost a whooping $549 has some cool and interesting features.

Some of the major features and specifications of apple airpods max will be unboxed below.

High-Fidelity Audio

Apple airpods max is renowned for its high fidelity audio which gives its an edge over other over ear wireless headsets.

Findings has shown that users of over ear headphones focus most on audio quality when it comes to wireless over ear headphones.

This is one feature,that the Apple Airpods Max is very good at. The audio quality of Airpods Max is very impressive and amazing.

Active Noise Cancellation

Apple Airpods Max comes with active noise cancellation feature (ANC) which help prevent noises and unwanted sounds from filtering or interfering with the audio quality.

It is one of the top features that the wireless headsets prides its self on.

Spatial Audio

This is one of the special features and specifications of Airpods Max which gives users a theatre like sound and audio.

With airpods max, it feels like the sounds is coming from around you.

It gives users sound quality which make it seem like you are right there in the studio.

Fascinating Design With Perfect Fit

The design of Apple Airpods Max is fascinating and unique.

The tech giant tried to portray its brand in the Airpods Max with an apple like speakers at both ends of the wireless over ear headphone.

It is very unique and a good signature for the company.

Best Places & Locations to Buy Airpods Max in Nigeria

If you are looking for the best places to buy original Apple Airpods Max in Nigeria, you should consider these stores options.

Apple stores in Nigeria is a good place to buy Apple Airpods Max in Nigeria.

Also, you can consider top and trusted online stores in Nigeria like,jumia,Konga as a good and trusted stores to buy Apple Airpods Max in Nigeria.

Furthermore, you can explore the option of purchasing Apple Airpods Max in international and foreign e- commerce websites and online stores.

These are some of the best places to buy original airpods max in Nigeria.

It is important that credibility of the purchasing stores is put into cognizance as there are many fake and copies of Apple Airpods Max in Nigeria.

Colours of Apple Airpods Max

This section of the post seeks to answer the question of what colours does Apple Airpods Max comes in?.

Apple Airpods Max comes in numerous colours which includes:

  • Space Gray
  • Sky Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

These are the major colours of Apple Airpods Max.


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