Price of Best Senator Material Cloth in Nigeria (2024)

Fabrics for men’s native wears popularly known as senator material will be our major discussion in this post.

Cost of senator material in Nigeria

This article will seek to provide answers to the best senator material for native wears in Nigeria.

Also how much the best senator materials are sold in Nigeria will be talked about as well as the average cost of sewing senators suits in Nigeria.

We will also not leave out the cost price of already made senator suits in Nigeria.

All these and more will form our major discourse in this post.

Senator material is made from coveted fibre or wool fabrics.

It is used in making men’s native wears called senator’s suits.

The name senators suits was culled from heavy usage of the fabric in making native wears by Nigerian politicians such senators and federal representatives members.

Since then, men native wears and styles in Nigeria are normally called senators suits.

In this post the best materials and fabrics for making senators suits in Nigeria and how many yards is enough for sewing senator material in Nigeria will be provided.

Also, the price of best fabrics and cloth materials for making senators suits in Nigeria will be talked about.

Best Senator Material Cloth in Nigeria

There are many fabrics for making senators suits in Nigeria but we will talk about the best cloth for sewing senators suits in Nigeria.

Here are the best materials for making native senators suits in Nigeria.

Cashmere Senator MaterialĀ 

Cashmere fabrics is popular best cotton fabrics for making senators suits in Nigeria.

It comes in different colours and are very light. Cashmere cloth materials is pure cutton and can be worn after wash without out pressing.

However, It is important to note that cashmere native materials comes in different grades from 3 star to 7 star.

In this way too the price of these cashmere materials differs in Nigeria markets.

Price Of Cashmere Senators Material in Nigeria

The average cost of cashmere senators material in Nigeria is between N2000 to N5000 per yard.

The price and cost of cashmere cloth material is highly based on the grade of the cashmere.

It is available at most cloth markets across Nigeria.

How Many Yards For Sewing Senators Suits in Nigeria

Senator’s materials are sold in yards. The number of yards that is enough for sewing senators suits in Nigeria is a minimum of 4 yards.

For those who have big or bigger physique, 5 & 5Ā½ yards will be number of yards enough for making native senators suits or wears for people with bigger body.

Cost Price of Already Made Senator’s Suits

Some people prefer to buy already made senator’s suits in Nigeria.

The cost of already made senator’s suits in Nigeria is between N15,000 and N25,000.

The price of the senator’s suits is highly determined by the type of material used in making the native wear as well as the design attached to them.

How To Know A Good Senators Material Cloth in Nigeria

There are certain ways to identify quality senators materials in Nigeria.

Below are ways of how to know good and original senator materials.

Touching / Feeling : By touching and feeling the fabrics, one can be able to know if cloth material is good or cashmere.

Good quality native cloth or cashmere are very mild, cool and sumptuous fabrics.

By touching and having feel of these cloth one can be able to find out the quality of the cashmere and other good quality senators materials.

Elasticity: Good quality senators materials shows some level of elasticity.

It should be able to have some level of elasticity when stretched. It should also be able to contrast and relax when pressured.

Fibers: Through checking and accessing of the fabrics, one can easily identify quality cloth for making native men’s wear.

Cashmere and other good quality fabrics for senators materials are made of very soft fabrics and high quality fibers.


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