Price of Camera Tripod Stand With Ring Light in Nigeria

Camera tripod stand is a device used for holding a camera in one place during photography or video shooting for vlogs and other medias.

Price of Camera Tripod Stand With Ring Light

It is an indispensable tool for most visual content creator.

Ring light is also very important for video recording as it helps brighten the quality of the visual.

The ring light helps to create lighting for the camera and eliminates shadows that may interfere in production process.

This article will review the price of camera tripod stand in Nigeria & ring light for recording videos.

Ring lights are mainly characterized by the fact that they emit continuous light, generally through LEDs, although there are also those that are made with fluorescent tubes.

Another of its most obvious features is its circular shape, which allows the camera to be placed just inside the circle so that the lighting is as uniform as possible.

So, most often, ring light and camera tripods go hand in hand.

This article contains what you should pay attention to when purchasing a tripod stand and ring light, and prices of tripod stands with attached ring light in Nigeria.

Things to pay attention to before purchasing a tripod stand.


It is necessary to find out its stability proportion to be sure if it would be capable of holding your recording device.


Also, its usability is a function necessary for you to devise if you’ll be needing.

Depending on what your demands are check if the tripod stand and its accessories are suitable for the job which you need it for.


The size also matters for easy conveyance. So, when making your purchase, consider the size specifications and choose one which is not to heavy to ease your stress.

But you can choose a big one if you majorly use it at home.


The price of the tripod stand will be determined by the above-mentioned factors and for the reasons which you need to purchase it.

Things you should pay attention to before you purchase a ring light.


It is obvious that an increase in weight will occur if we choose a larger ring of continuous light, the most important thing about it is that the larger it is, the greater the angle of coverage that we will have.

In other words, with a large ring of light you can take portraits in more open shots, while if it is smaller you will have to opt for close-ups or else the light that reaches the subject will be insufficient.

In this sense, we can say that the three most popular sizes of ring lights are 14 inches/36 cm, 18 inches/48 cm and those that are smaller because they are intended for macro photography.

So, depending on your niche, you would have to purchase something that works perfectly.

Light Type

As I said before, continuous light rings can be of two kinds: fluorescent tubes or LED lights.

The former is cheaper, although they are less durable and also have a subtle greenish color cast.

The LED light rings are the most outstanding, first because by using LEDs they will last us much longer, in addition we will not spend as much energy unit.

Light Intensity Settings

Another aspect that you must look at is whether the ring has a regulator to adjust the power depending on the distance between the ring of light and the subject or photographic motif, which will be very useful for your projects.

In some cases, instead of having a regulator, they come with an accessory to further diffuse the light.

Light Color Temperature Settings

It is also interesting that you can modify the color temperature of the light, and for this there are two options.

There are some rings that have accessories to place them in front of the light and thus modify its color, while some supports a regulator switch which is more efficient and time saving.


In addition to the ring itself, in order to work with it, you will need some accessories, such as the tripod to hold it.

In some packs this will be included, in others not, so you will have to purchase a separate one to be able to hold it.

Other outstanding accessories are a ball joint to be able to place the ring completely horizontally (useful for product photography), the carrying bag, or even supports to hold the mobile phone inside the ring.

Portability and Possibility of Working with Batteries

In the case of LED ring lights, there are some models that allow us to work without having to be hooked to the light current, but with external batteries they already have the necessary power to be able to emit light, which makes them more versatile and especially laptops when working.

Of course, here the size also influences, the smaller ones being more portable, although being an accessory made mostly of plastic, it is quite light, so the size will not be a determining factor when moving with it.


Depending on the characteristics of the ring that I have mentioned, its price may increase more or less.

In addition, sometimes there are also packs that have many accessories that can help us. So, once again depending on your needs, your price will be affected.

Cost of Camera Tripod Stand with Ring Light in Nigeria

In this article, I won’t be specifying prices, but I’ll give an exhaustive price range for your budget.

Then, it will be left for you to choose the best that suits your budget.

So, in Nigeria, you will get a tripod stand with a ring light for not less than N15,000 to N35,000 upwards depending on your capacity and your need.

There are a lot of stores to buy from, and I recommend Konga and Jumia for quick delivery, that is, if you are not buying from a physical vendor.

Camera Tripod Stand Price in Nigeria

Incase you want to buy only camera tripod stand separately, it comes with a lesser price.

There different types of camera tripod stand of different qualities and funtions.

The price of camera tripod stand in Nigeria ranges between N12,000 to N25,000 depending on the size, quality and vendor selling.

Ring Light Price in Nigeria

Ring light can as well be procured independently and cost much lesser price unlike when paired with tripod stand.

Ring light price in Nigeria is sold between N11,000 to N18,000.

However, bigger inches ring light like 15″, 18″ ring light price in Nigeria is much more expensive and cost above N20,000.

This is how much ring light is sold in Nigeria currently.

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