Price of Carton of Indomie Instant Noddles

Indomie carton prices will be our major focus on this blog post as we will be reviewing the price of different cartons of Indomie.

Of all the noodles in the Nigeria market, Indomie instant noodles is the leading and Nigeria’s most popular noodles.

Indomie instant noodles have a unique chicken and onion flavor and is very easy to prepare.

However, chicken flavour is the mother of all other flavours among Indomie noodles. Also, Indomie noodles can be enjoyed alongside other meals too.

The patronage is very high and it’s a very popular food among children and students. Indomie are sold in cartons while it’s retails are sold in packs.

This write up will focus on carton price of Indomie noodles. Indomie noodles comes in different sizes sold at different prices like Indomie Super pack, Indomie hungary man size etc.

All these Indomie sizes are sold at varying carton cost. Often, customers especially students make carton purchase of Indomie noodles and not having an idea of how much price of Carton of Indomie noodles is makes it difficult for them to budget adequately for the purchase.

This is why this article will be highly significant as it will give readers clue of how much carton of Indomie noodles are sold currently.

How Much is Carton of Indomie?

In this segment of the post, we will be list the carton price of different Indomie noodles sizes and types.

This will help answer questions such an how much is the carton of Indomie super pack? How much is carton of Indomie hungary man size and what is the carton price of Indomie noodles belle full pack.

How Much is Carton of Indomie Super Pack? N9000 – N9400

Indomie super pack is one of the most popular Indomie sized pack. It comes in carton of 40 pcs and is highly sought after and patronised by Students. A carton of Indomie noodles super pack is sold between N9000 and N9400 across major stores.

How Much is Carton of Indomie Hungary Man Size? N12,500 – N12,800

Hungary Man Size is one of biggest size of Indomie noodles and comes in 24 packs. It is sold slightly varying prices of between N12,500 and N12,800 across major Indomie noodles stores in Nigeria.

How Much is Carton of Indomie Belle Full Pack? N11,000 – N11,400

This is another Indomie size which comes in pack of 16 pcs and sold between N11,000 and N11,400. It is also a chicken flavour Indomie noodles and is of large size too.

How Much is Carton of Indomie Indomitables Pack? N7000 – N7600

Indomie Indomitables Pack is one of the small Indomie size packs which comes in 40 pieces per carton. It is also one of the chicken flavour Indomie.

A carton of Indomie Indomitables packs is sold between N7000 to N7600. This is the cheapest carton of Indomie in the market now.

Carton Price of Indomie Onion Chicken Flavour: N8000 – N8700

This one of the unique Indomie noodles flavours. It is combination of chicken and onion flavour. It comes in 40 pieces per carton and it’s price is sold between N8000 to N8700.

End Note on Price of Carton of Indomie in Nigeria

Generally, price of Carton of Indomie differ slightly among dealers especially wholesaler who are not direct Indomie distributors.

The price disparity in among sellers of carton of Indomie is usually low and lies between N200 to N300. If you intend to get the best and cheapest prices of carton of Indomie,you might seek to purchase from Indomie registered distributor.

As inflation bites harder, we will keep an eye on the market with veiw of monitoring the and finding current price of carton of Indomie.


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