Price of Concrete Electricity Poles in Nigeria (2023)

Cost of Concrete Electric Poles in Nigeria

Nigeria is still highly engaged in surface electrification using naked cables and poles.

Concrete electric poles prices in Nigeria

It is quite unfortunate that in Nigeria, installation of electricity and its cost is mostly shouldered by consumers.

In most cases, it is the electricity consumers in Nigeria that procures electric poles, electric transformers as well as other logistics and equipments needed for electricity installation in Nigeria.

Even the labour is not left out as the customers also pay for labour and cost of electricity installation and set up in Nigeria.

In this post, we will be discussing how much concrete electric poles are sold in Nigeria.

Concrete poles is the best pole for rural electrification, gone are days of wooden electric poles.

Of all the problems of electrifications in Nigeria, cost of buying concrete poles in Nigeria for electricity is highly expensive.

This has kept many communities, neighborhoods in darkness.

Electricity Poles Prices in Nigeria

We considered it important and decided to critical look and review at the cost of concrete electricity poles in Nigeria as it is one of the major equipments needed for electricity set up in Nigeria.

Before now, the use of wooden poles for electrification in Nigeria was predominant.

However, in order to enhance safety and durability, most electricity distribution companies in Nigeria has decided to strictly engage only in use of concrete poles for electricity projects in Nigeria.

One of the core reasons for insistence and constant use of concrete poles in Nigeria for electricity projects is to enhance safety.

Concrete poles lasts longer and are much more stronger than wooden poles.

Also concrete electric poles are not so much affected by weather conditions.

These are some of the reasons why the best poles for installation and distribution of electricity in Nigeria is concrete electric poles.

Now let’s look at at the cost of these strong concrete electric poles in Nigeria.

Here is how much concrete electricity poles are sold in Nigeria.

Concrete Electricity Poles Costs in Nigeria

Currently, the cost of concrete electric poles in Nigeria is between N38,000 to N45,000.

This is the price of concrete electric poles for low tension cables.

The price of concrete electric poles in Nigeria is determined by their companies.

Some of the best concrete electric poles like Zingas are a bit extensive but are much durable and strong.

Also, the price of concrete poles for electricity will be higher if it is poles for high tension cable.

So, the price or cost of concrete poles for high tension cables is not on par with low tension cables concrete poles in Nigeria.

The concrete poles for high tension cables is much taller and expensive than poles for low tension cables in Nigeria.

The current price of concrete poles for high tension cables in Nigeria is between N47,000 to N52,000.

End Note on Price of Electric Poles in Nigeria

It is always tasking for consumers in new layouts or newly developed neighborhoods when they are trying to install electricity in their neighborhoods.

One of the equipments where they spend big is in procurement of electric poles.

There are cheaper options like the wooden electric poles and metal electric poles.

However, the best is still concrete electric poles.

Though it costs very highly but will stand test of time and provide the best service needed.

So, it is important that only concrete poles are considered for electricity installed and distribution.


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