Price of Lexus RX300, RX330 & RX350 in Nigeria (2023)

Cost of Lexus RX350, RX330 & RX300 in Nigeria

The story of Lexus RX sport utility vehicles (SUV) has been a success one in Nigeria.

Lexus suv costs in Nigeria

Nigerians love Lexus cars especially the RX series.

Currently, the mostly used Lexus suv in Nigeria remain Lexus RX350,RX330 & RX300.

These are some of the most visibly highly purchased Lexus cars in Nigeria.

This is why we thought it worthwhile to come up with the Lexus RX350, Lexus RX330 and Lexus RX300 price in Nigeria.

Oftentimes, many people in Nigeria seek to find out the cost of these lexus jeeps in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be discussing how much lexus RX 350,RX330 & RX300 are sold in Nigeria.

Lexus Jeeps Prices in Nigeria

How much Lexus jeeps are sold in Nigeria is of major interest to lovers of Lexus jeeps and SUV in Nigeria.

More Nigerians are embracing Lexus cars especially Lexus suv, RX models and GX models.

Apart from high patronage of Lexus RX models in Nigeria, Lexus GX 460 is on high demand in Nigeria too.

This is reason you also see many car lovers seeking for the price of Lexus GX 460 in Nigeria.

Lexus is currently rated 3rd highest selling car brands in Nigeria behind Toyota and Mercedes.

So in this post, we will give our readers how much Lexus cars and jeeps are sold in Nigeria.

We will be discussing the price of brand new Lexus RX350 & GX460 in Nigeria.

Also, the price of direct “Belgium” Lexus RX350,RX330 & RX300 in Nigeria will be talked about.

Price of Lexus RX350 in Nigeria

Lexus RX350 cost in Nigeria is a bit high especially brand new ones.

Lexus RX350 comes in brand new, foreign used (Direct Belgium) and Nigerian used.

This classes of Lexus RX350 is what to be talked about in the write up.

Brand New Lexus RX350 Price on Nigeria

The current price of Lexus RX350 2023 model in is Between N21,000,000 to N24,000,000.

Other brand new models of Lexus RX350 is around N13,000,000

Foreign Used Lexus RX350 Price in Nigeria

The price of direct belgium Lexus RX350 jeep in Nigeria is between N7,000,000 to N9,000,000 depending on the model.

There is a very limited Nigerian used Lexus RX350 for sale in Nigeria.

However few Nigeria used Lexus RX350 price is around N3,000,000

Price of Lexus RX330 in Nigeria

Most if not all Lexus RX330 suv in Nigeria comes as foreign used otherwise known as direct belgium.

The price of direct belgium Lexus RX330 in Nigeria ranges between N4,500,000 to N5,500,000.

Nigeria used Lexus RX330 cost a price of around N2,000,000 depending on how sound it still functions.

Price of Lexus RX300 in Nigeria

The current price of direct belgium Lexus RX300 in Nigeria ranges between N2.5 million to N3 million.

Also, Nigerian used Lexus RX300 cost around N1.5 million depending on how sound it is.

Price of Lexus GX460 in Nigeria

Lexus GX460 is one of the highest selling Lexus GX series in Nigeria.

It comes either as brand new or as direct belgium.

Brand New Lexus GX460 Price in Nigeria

The current price of Lexus GX460 in Nigeria cost between N30,000,000 to N35,000,000 for brand new Lexus GX460 in Nigeria.

Foreign Used Lexus GX460 Price in Nigeria 

The current price of direct belgium Lexus GX460 in Nigeria ranges between N18,000, 000 to N24,000,000.

Interestingly, Lexus GX 460 is more expensive than GX 470 in Nigeria.

However, the price and cost of Lexus GX 570 beats them all.

It is not new that cars are very expensive to buy in Nigeria.

This is as a result of high and instability in dollar rate as well as Nigeria’s high tariff on imported vehicles.


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