Price of “Okada” Motorcycle in Nigeria (2023)

Current Price of Commercial Motorcycles in Nigeria

With population of over 200 million, transportation of people is a serious business in Nigeria.

Price of commercial motorcycles in Nigeria

One of the most popular means of transportation in Nigeria is Motorcycles riding.

The best and strong okada motorcycles in Nigeria and their prices will be the central message of this article.

Commercial motorcycles are popularly called Okada in Nigeria.

Motorcycles are used for various types of transportation ranging from human transportation to goods.

Recently, the business of courier and delivery has been helped greatly by motorcycle in Nigeria.

All these in no small majors play roles in the cost of okada motorcycles in Nigeria.

In this post we will be discussing the price of Motorcycle (Okada) in Nigeria.

This information we believe will be of help to those about to start of courier and delivery companies in Nigeria.

It will also impact those who might want to be in the know of how much commercial motorcycles are sold in Nigeria Currently.

Cost of Okada Motorcycles in Nigeria

This segment of this post will discuss how much price Okada motorcycles are currently sold in Nigeria.

Before now, the price of motorcycles in Nigeria was between N85,000 to N150,000.

This price for commercial motorcycle in Nigeria was for Nigeria’s motorcycle brands also known as made in Nigeria motorcycles like Ogbuawa, Qlink, Daylong, Lifan etc.

Then, the price of foreign motorcycle brands in Nigeria like Honda, Bajaj, Yamaha was sold between N150,000 to N250,000.

However, times has changed and current price of okada motorcycles has also skyrocked.

The price of cheapest commercial motorcycle in Nigeria is around N300,000.

More than 100% increase from what the price of commercial bikes used to be in Nigeria.

Currently, after market survey, we have come up with the cost and most accurate price of motorcycles in Nigeria markets.

The price of motorcycles to be reviewed in this article includes both foreign and local motorcycles in Nigeria.

Below is the cost price of commercial motorcycles known as Okada in Nigeria.

Price of Honda Motorcycles in Nigeria

  • Honda CG Series: N380,000 to N485,000
  • Honda C series: N160,000 to N280,000
  • Honda Dio series: N420,000 to N530,000

Price of Bajaj Motorcycles in Nigeria

  • Bajaj CC Series: N400,000 to N560,000

This price of Bajaj motorcycles in Nigeria includes models like Bajaj 100cc, Bajaj 150cc.

Price of Ogbuawa Motorcycles in Nigeria

  • Ogbuawa Commercial Bike: N350,000 to N415,000
  • Ogbuawa Ladies Bike: N210,000 to N386,000

Price of Qlink Motorcycles in Nigeria

  • Qlink Champion 200A: N375,000 to N505,000
  • Qlink Cruiser: N354,000 to N440,000
  • Qlink Ranger: N300,000 to N420,000

Price of Daylong Motorcycles in Nigeria

  • Daylong CG 125: N328,000 to N405,000

Price of Jincheng Motorcycles in Nigeria

  • JC series: N315,000 to N395,000.

End Note on Price and Use of Motorcycles in Nigeria

The use of motorcycles popularly known as Okada is becoming limited in most top Nigerian cities.

One would think this could influence a drop in price. However, the price of commercial bikes in Nigeria continues to move up.

It is still a very popular means of transportation especially in semi urban and rural areas.

In northern Nigeria, use of motorcycles is predominant and is constantly used as an empowerment.

In most top Nigerian cities like Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Abuja, while there is ban on use of commercial motorcycles, courier service companies still have the permission to use bikes.

Also, for delivery, motorcycles are still very much allowed in top Nigerian cities.

Cities where motorcycles are banned in Nigeria are mostly southern Nigeria cities like Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Awka, Owerri and Calabar.

Nevertheless, most northern Nigeria cities still allow the transportation means.


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