Price of Oraimo Airpods & FreePods in Nigeria (2022)

In this post you will find the cost and prices of different types of Oraimo airpods or earbuds in Nigeria.

Price of Oraimo earbuds in Nigeria

Oraimo is one of the top makers of quality smart and phone accessories in Nigeria.

One of best Oraimo selling accessories at the moment is Oraimo airpods in Nigeria.

The price of Oraimo earbuds in is determined by features and dealers.

These areas two major factors that play on the price of Oraimo earbuds in Nigeria.

Time have changed and most Nigerians are beginning to move from use of wired earphones to wireless earphones known as airpods and ear bluetooths.

At the moment, there are numerous airpods in Nigeria.

However, Oraimo airpods is one of the best selling and best ear bluetooths in Nigeria.

In this post l, we will discuss the price of Oraimo airpods and Oraimo ear bluetooths in Nigeria.

Also to be talked about in this article is how good is Oraimo airpods as well as if Oraimo airpods is a long lasting airpods.

You will also discover how compactible Oraimo airpods is with iPhones.

Oraimo Airpods Price in Nigeria

There are different types and designs of Oraimo airpods in Nigeria.

These Oraimo airpods costs different prices and comes with different specifications as well.

Lets move on now to provide you with Oraimo airpods (ear Bluetooths) prices in Nigeria.

Price of Oraimo FreePod 3

Oraimo FreePod 3 is one of the latest Oraimo airpods in Nigeria.

It comes with a noise cancellation features which enhances the sound.

The price of Oraimo FreePod 3 in Nigeria starts from N15,000 across major Oraimo smart accessories dealers in Nigeria.

Price of Oraimo FreePod2

The price of Oraimo FreePod2 in Nigeria starts from N13,000 across major Oraimo accessories shops in Nigeria.

This type of Oraimo airpods is popularly known as Oraimo 2baba airpods.

It comes mostly in black and white colours and produce a good beats and sounds to delight of users.

This Oraimo airpods can cost higher in some smart gadgets stores as dealers prices come into play.

Price of Oraimo AirBuds 2S Super

This is another top quality ear bluetooths from Oraimo in Nigeria.

Oraimo AirBuds 2S Super price in Nigeria starts from N15,000.

It comes with a portable box which contains power bank which can be used to recharge the buds multiple times.

How Good is Oraimo Airpods in Nigeria

Oraimo airpods are very good and strong and comes with warranty especially if you get from registered Oraimo dealer.

Oraimo airpods has good battery which can make the Oraimo airpods last long when being used.

However, Oraimo airpods is not water resistance, so, it should be kept away from water.

Does Oraimo Airpods Connect / Work with iPhone

Many iPhone users have been inquiring on the compactibility of Oraimo Airpods and iPhones.

Oraimo Airpods works perfectly fine and connect seamless with iPhones.

So , iPhone users can as well use and enjoy Oraimo airpods on iPhones with having any issues.

Best Oraimo Airpods in Nigeria

Currently, there are numerous designs and types of Oraimo airpods in Nigeria.

Ratings and survey has shown that the best Oraimo airpods in Nigeria currently is Oraimo FreePod 3.

This Oraimo ear bluetooths comes with noise cancellation features which makes the airpods elite among the best and top airpods Bluetooths in Nigeria.


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